Article Interface - Publish Your Own Article Anytime!
Easily publish your own article from any computer with Internet access!

Special Note: You do not have to be a sponsor of the AreaGuides Network to participate!

Do you have something interesting to say? Do you have expertise that you would like to share with your community? Are you an amateur or professional writer that would like another outlet for your work? Are you active in your community and would like to publish a weekly column covering local news and events?

Well, the experts at 270Net Technologies have come up with the solution. The AreaGuides Article Interface is another database driven custom solution that's now available to those interested in contributing interesting content to the Network.

A Banner Ad at the top links to the writer's website!

After your account is setup you can log on and add and/or edit your own articles. And, your articles go live as soon as you check the box and mark the article as "active". Once live the article can be found on your community website via a key word search on the homepage and you control the keywords that are associated with your article!

Sponsors with interesting areas of expertise might want to publish "how to" articles or other informational content. This is another way for sponsors to interact with the community and reinforce their leadership role.

The system is as user-friendly as the Dynamic Webpage Interface. 

Special Tip: After you publish your article e-mail the title of the article to and our editorial staff will proof
and edit your article as needed and if your article is of regional appeal we'll tag the article on additional AreaGuides Network sites!

Step-By-Step instructions for Publishing your own articles on the AreaGuides Network: 

The following procedure is for those authorized by the AreaGuides Network to publish their own articles. Call AreaGuides customer service at the number below to learn how you, too, can become a contributor to your community website! 

Publishing Articles: 

1)      Go to the AreaGuides Admin login page: (bookmark this page)

2)      Use the User Name and Password that was assigned to you to log in to your Article Management page.

3)      Then click on Add Article on the Article Management Page.

4)      Then fill in the Article Information and click Edit Article Information. Note: be sure to check the “active” box if you want the article to appear on the site. The keywords field allows you to add keywords so the article can be easily found on your community website search as well as Internet search engines such as Google.

5)      Next click on the Article Contents link at the top of the page. On this page you’ll see three text fields. For shorter articles you’ll use just text field one. For longer articles with multiple photos you’ll use text fields 2 & 3 also. You can just copy and paste your text into the text fields as you wish and then click the Edit Web Page link at the bottom of the page. This will add your text.

6)      Next, add your photos as needed. Be sure your photos are sized as noted in the tips section in the Article Images section that is below the text fields. To add your properly sized photos select the New Image Upload Now radial button and click Browse and go to and select the image you want to upload then click on the  Edit Web Page link at the bottom of the page to upload the photo to your article. The system will confirm a successful upload or give you an error message if there is a problem with your image file. I recommend uploading one image at a time.

7)      Now, click on the Preview Article link at the top of the page to open a new window in your browser so you can see your article as the world will see it. Close the window and edit as needed. You can view you article in this way as often as needed until you are happy with your work. Remember to always click on the  Edit Web Page link at the bottom of the page to upload any changes or additions to your article.

8)      Next, click the Article Categories link at the top of the page and be sure to tag your article under the appropriate categories.

9)      Now, that your article is completed you can click on the Article Sponsor Information link at the top of the page to add up to six more images down the left hand side of your article. This is useful if you want to thank sponsors of your event by adding a banner ad and link it to their website. These six images can only be 120 pixels wide but can be any height you choose. Tip between 300 and 400 pixels high looks good. 

Advanced tips: You can change the layout of you article by clicking on the Choose Template link in the Article Contents section. The Advanced link will allow you to add Meta tags for even better Google search engine performance. Also, if you click on the source button above the text box you can edit and add HTML code as needed to do things like embed video from sources like YouTube and Grouper.  

Now, good luck and have fun publishing your own articles!

Click Here to view some sample articles.

Call our Customer Service department at 800-221-8048  or send an e-mail to
if you would be interested in participating in this program!