Promotional Partner's Program - It Works!
Working together to build a brand name.

In April of 2001 we launched the Promotional  Partner's Program on the website. We wanted to test the idea prior to rolling it out to the rest of the Network. The bottom line is it works. Through this program we've been able to build the brand name to household status in less than a year. 
A Simple Idea

The best ideas are simple and easy to execute. Our Promotional Partner's program is both. 

The key to the program is the Promotional Partner's list down the right hand side of the homepage. The partners appear on the list in descending order based on the amount of advertising they do that includes the URL that they are sponsoring (e.g.

Signs, Print Ads, Radio, TV & Cable 

Now that the Promotional Partner's Program is in full swing on the site you'll see and hear everywhere you go in Frederick County. See for some examples. Now, we are starting the program on other sites. Thanks to the technologies developed by 270Net this program is easily scalable. I can't wait until all our sites have the visibility of the URL. Then, the real payoff for our sponsors will come when everyone in the area knows about this network and the sponsors will then be able to scale back less efficient forms of advertising because they will have built their own valuable network. After all, with all the FREE tools that come with your sponsorship what other forms of advertising will you need when everyone is aware of what our network has to offer?

Call 800-942-7778 to join the Promotional Partner's Program on your site.


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