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Mail application to: AreaGuides, 411 Aviation Way, Suite 210, Frederick, MD  21701
Questions? Please call Customer Service: 800-221-8048
Checks are made payable to "AreaGuides, LLC".

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______ (Sponsor's Initials) I agree to generating the initial format and text for my Dynamic Webpage ($575 annual fee plus one time $100 setup). I acknowledge that I will have access to my webpage through the AreaGuides Sponsor Interface and will be allowed to update said page at any time. Sponsors may also elect to have a direct link to their existing website which eliminates the one-time $100 setup fee.

______ (Sponsor's Initials) I would like to purchase the e-inventory option ($815  annual fee plus $100 one-time setup) or the e-commerce option ($1175 plus $100 setup). Setup fee includes basic training and setup. (These fees include the sponsorship fees.) Also, ask about custom websites.

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