Arles Procedure

1) Add a new folder to the slide shows section on your hard drive. Dump your photos into this folder.

2) Add the slideshow program to this folder.

3) Run slideshow in manual mode frame by frame to decide which photos need to be deleted, cropped or rotated. Write on scratch paper the image number(s) that need such work. You might want to use three columns.

4) Go to your ‘AA’ directory and copy the "Photo Tour Template Empty" folder.

5) Go to the location where you want the photo tour to end up and paste the folder. e. g. the Photo Tour subweb folder. This will be your target for Arles to publish to..

6) After all photos are ready open Arles and open a previous photo tour to use as a starting point. Do a "save as" to rename as the name you’re using for the new photo tour.

7) Click in the Source folder blank and click on the box at the right to browse to the folder containing your photos.

8) Click on the Target folder blank and browse to the target folder we created in step five.

9) Now click on edit HTML Page Options then click on the Custom HTML tab. Edit the key words as needed. Click Close.

10) Click on Edit then Advanced Titles Options.

11) Edit the Gallery title and the Page caption as needed. Click Close.

12) Now click on the "All" icon and let it over write as needed.

13) Now you are ready to customize as needed in Front Page and then publish. You can use another finished tour as an example and to copy and paste some of the text you might want to use.

14) In Front Page you can also add captions to photos and/or links to websites.

15) Now the new website is uploaded as a subweb. e.g.

16) Be sure to add the new photo tour to the community section of the appropriate website and ticker if you like.