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Building Materials For A Webpage

A webpage or website is only as good as the building materials that go into it! In addition, the costs associated with building a webpage can be kept low if the proper materials are supplied. Also, the proper materials should be supplied all at the same time. This eliminates the build delays associated with materials coming in piecemeal. Our webmasters assemble webpages from components supplied by our clients or generated by our sales staff. Usually, these materials include text, artwork, and photos. The following guidelines simplify the process:

Text: It is best for text to be supplied as plain text typed in paragraph format and saved to a PC formatted 3 1/2 inch disc or Zip drive in Microsoft Word file format (do not include graphics on this disc). A hard copy of the text should also be supplied on plain white paper in case we have disc read problems. A separate rough draft showing any special formatting may also be supplied. In some cases additional fees apply. Each client should supply a list of ten key words for us to use for search engine indexing purposes. These key words should appear at the top of the Word document and labeled as key words. Also, there are one e-mail link and one website link included in the fee for an Enhanced Webpage. Additional links require the purchase of our Full Custom Webpage. 

In some cases, we can pull text off a brochure. Black type on white paper allows for clear transfer of such text. Some brochures, because of formatting problems, or colored text do not allow for clean transfers of text. In any case, there may be additional service charges if retyping is required. Ask our representative about assistance with the preparation of your webpage copy. Additional fees apply.

Photos: Photos should be color prints up to 5" x 7" and should have good contrast and bright colors. Art such as logos should be at least half the size you would like it to be once it's on the webpage. In other words we can make a 1 x 2" original appear to be 2" x 4" once it's on the webpage. We do not scan slides. We can also use jpeg or gif files if they are supplied on a PC formatted disc and at proper resolutions. Check the specifications of images on some of our existing webpages to see what's acceptable.

Digital Photos: In most cases our representative will take digital photos of your business. In fact, many of the photos on our sites were taken by our staff utilizing our state-of-the-art cameras. This is an additional service we offer and, in some cases, there are additional fees for such work. Please ask your representative for details.

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This digital photo doubles as a logo

Final Design: The final design and layout of your page will depend on the materials we are supplied to work with. We choose text colors and layout designs that compliment the overall look of the page. Our representative can show you various page design options and will provide samples of existing pages for you to review.  Clients who purchase our Full Custom Webpage may provide input into the design and layout of their page. Otherwise, our webmasters will choose the layout that is most appropriate for the materials supplied. In some cases additional set-up fees apply.

Special Note: Materials are supplied to the webmaster(s) by the sales manager after a careful review. Again, in this way, valuable computer time can be kept to a minimum. Any time spent by our webmaster trying to figure out content or directions for a page is time taken away from another client. This is why we insist on organized, complete, webpage build kits prior to setting a webpage build date.

Questions regarding your webpage can be sent directly to our Chief Webmaster at:

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