Classifieds - Try running FREE ads in the newspaper!
Use the FREE classified section to sell products or recruit help!

Sponsors, non-profit groups and area residents are entitled to FREE use of the classified sections of all sites in the network. Sponsors are encouraged to advertise sale items or run help wanted ads.

All postings appear in real time and may include photos or document attachments. 

A Great Marketing Tool

Use the free classifieds just like you would the local paper but save a lot of money in the process. Also, since you are not paying by the word, you can go into more detail than you could ever do in print. If you have a digital photo of the product you're selling you can even attach a photo.

In the help wanted section you can also attach a job description in the form of a Word document. And, since these websites are community based your ad will generate quality leads that are focused on your area.

Advanced Features ~ Many advanced features such as message notification allow efficient use of the system. Returning readers of the section are even told how many new messages have been posted since their last visit. Used in conjunction with other advertising efforts this powerful tool can give your business a real edge over less sophisticated competitors. 

Post Your Own Newsletter ~ Professionals are encouraged to utilize the Question & Answer forum to inform their client base of interesting information. For example an important change in the tax law might be posted by an accountant to keep clients and potential clients up to date. A weekly news letter could also be posted in this section. This is a great way to keep your name in front of interested parties.

Call 800-221-8048 or e-mail if there are
any questions regarding the use of these FREE services.


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