Compressing images with XAT.

Under each image below you'll notice the settings that were used in the XAT Compress Image dialogue box. If you study the images you'll see that they degrade as the numbers change and the file sizes get smaller. I have found that close-up photos of people should be compressed less and sized smaller than wider shots. In the examples below the image size was 250 wide x 326 tall (pixels).  

See the site for examples of this. For the close-up shots of the girls I used the 9010 setting and for all the other shots that were sized larger I used the 8015 setting and achieved very small file sizes and acceptable quality.

JPEG 90 MagiComp 00 = 31.5kb

JPEG 90 MagiComp 10 = 28.5kb

JPEG 80 MagiComp 15 = 17.3kb

JPEG 70 MagiComp 15 = 12.9kb