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Independent Contractor Agreement

The following agreement outlines and formalizes the mutual desire to enter a working relationship, on a contract basis, between the AreaGuides.COM network and the Town of Boonsboro. If either party fails to meet the requirements of this agreement, the other party may cancel the contract.

  1. The Contractor will act as an Independent Contractor and understands that he or she is responsible for any state, federal or local tax liabilities which may be generated by income earned as a result of this contract. The Contractor agrees that Social Security taxes are their responsibility.  Likewise, health or other insurance they desire is also their responsibility. The Contractor will set their own hours and schedule their own appointments. AreaGuides.COM will, from time to time, supply sales prospects to the Contractor but there is no guarantee of such leads.   

  2. The Contractor shall be paid a commission of 40% for all AreaGuides products that are sold and completed to the satisfaction of the client and AreaGuides.COM. 270Net website products have a separate commission schedule. There will be commission charge-backs for customer complaints and repeated complaints will result in the termination of this agreement.  The Contractor understands that AreaGuides.COM is an Internet start-up, which the founders feel has a huge potential for those individuals who help to achieve our goals. The Contractor also understands that those individuals who prove through their performance that they deserve to advance in the organization will be given first consideration for such advancement. The Contractor does, however, acknowledge that in a venture such as this there are no guarantees of success and that those involved are all taking risks.    

  3. Commissions shall be paid each week for completed sales. The Webmaster has provided details regarding the commission for each of our products, based on the corresponding advertised prices in the chart below, as of the date below-signed. 

  4. The Contractor understands that the reputation of AreaGuides.COM must be protected at all times and that any action on the part of the Contractor that causes or may cause harm to that reputation is cause to terminate this contractual relationship.  The Contractor understands that the sales manager of AreaGuides.COM may choose to audit sales records kept by the Contractor. Such records should include a detailed record of all prospects the Contractor talks to, a log of all sales by the Contractor and the status of such sales. The Contractor agrees that such records are necessary to keep all sales efforts organized and efficient. 

  5. Proprietary information such as data transferred to the Contractor’s computer, intellectual properties, policies, procedures, and training, are the property of the AreaGuides.COM network, and are to be used only for the purpose of promoting the AreaGuides.COM network. Similarly, unique ideas, intellectual properties, etc. provided to the AreaGuides.COM network by the Contractor shall be recognized as such, and the Contractor shall be rewarded fairly.   

  6. Future changes to this contract, including, but not limited to the commission schedule, will result in a revised document. The resultant new document will supercede the previous Independent Contractor Agreement document as of the date the new contract is signed, and will render the preceding document null and void. 

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