Coupon Program w/Sponsor Interface
Generate new clients for your business using coupons without the usual overhead.

Coupons Anybody?

In keeping with our mission of empowering our sponsors with the tools necessary to leverage the Internet to their advantage we now offer FREE couponing for all Network sponsors.

In the photo at right you'll see a pink piggy bank next to the Ideal Buick GMC listing. This piggy bank icon denotes coupon offerings. When a visitor clicks on the piggy bank or the sponsor's business name they are taken to the sponsor's webpage as always but with a new twist.

When the sponsors is offering coupons the special coupon display window appears over the sponsor's webpage as an overlay window (see photo at right). Then, the visitor can view up to three different coupon offerings by clicking on the links across the top of the coupon. The other choices, also via hot links, are Print The Coupon and Close Window.

Sponsors can add, edit or delete their coupons anytime via a simple web-based interface (you need to call customer service to get your User ID and Password). This allows sponsors to vary their coupon offerings as often as they like without having to pay expensive web technicians to update their webpage.

This clean, simple, coupon solution is another example of the interactive elements developed by our partners at 270Net Technologies. Sponsors should call customer service at 800-221-8048 for more details regarding the full complement of tools available. e-mail:

Also see the Dynamic Webpage information to learn how you can update your sponsor webpage anytime!

Call Customer Service at 800-221-8048 for 
your log-on and password information so 
you can add/edit coupons anytime you wish!

Click Here to view sample coupons we've put up to demo the system

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