Dynamic Web Pages - Update Anytime
Easily keep your webpage's content fresh and exciting!

So you say you want to be able to update your company's webpage anytime without paying someone else to do it? And, you want the updates to happen immediately. And, you want it to be a simple process anytime you need to make changes or additions.

Well, the experts at 270Net Technologies have come up with the solution. The AreaGuides Dynamic Web Page is another database driven custom solution that's now available to all AreaGuides.com Network sponsors.

After their account is converted to dynamic (at no additional charge) sponsors can access a link that says "Edit Sponsor Webpage" within their Sponsor Interface. Then it's a simple process to update text, switch photos and much more. 

But the beauty of the system is its ease of use. Anyone with basic Internet browsing skills can update information. New photos must be sized and cropped if necessary but other than that there is no need for any programs except your standard Internet Explorer browser.

For more advanced users there is an "Advanced" tab that allows additional customization including font and background colors and meta tags for optimal search engine performance.

And, as always, the folks at 270Net AreaGuides customer service are available to support all sponsor questions. Custom HTML coding and graphics are also available for modest fees to give your dynamic page a special look. Call 800-221-8048 for more information.

At right is a screen shot of the sample page the folks at 270Net put up. Keep in mind all text on these sponsor pages can easily be changed from any computer with Internet access. To change photos all you need to have is a properly sized photo ready to upload from your computer. And, since changes can be viewed immediately if you make a mistake you can address it in real time.

So, enjoy your new-found freedom to update your AreaGuides webpage anytime!

Customer Service: 800-221-8048

Call Customer Service at 800-221-8048 for your 
log-on and password information and to convert 
to the Dynamic Webpage system today!