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The EcoFlex Advantage

Tune up your plate-making operation by converting to this state of the art solvent used to washout all solvent washout photopolymer plates.

EcoFlex offers all of the advantages you have been looking for in a solvent washout system.

Green Science: Means a clean workplace environment. This product contains no SARA Title III, Section 313, reportable components or ingredients. EcoFlex is designed to operate at ambient temperature. No supplemental heat is required for high performance. Operating at cooler temperatures keeps unwanted solvent vapors out of the work area.

Speed of Processing: EcoFlex can shave more than 30% off your current washout rates. Faster washout rates lower the overall solvent absorption into plate materials, causing less swelling, and providing for faster drying times. Overall savings in time due to EcoFlex can be as much as 45 minutes on 0.067 plates and as much as 90 minutes on .0250 carton plates.

Washout Machine Cleanliness: EcoFlex Solvent has the capability of holding washed out monomers in suspension. The results are that the washout brushes remain soft and clean, which is very important when making plates for high definition, process color work. Ecoflex prevents monomer accumulation in all plumbed areas of the washout equipment resulting in less maintenance and downtime.

Ease of Distillation: Due to a narrow boiling range of all the components of EcoFlex quality of recovered solvent is enhanced. Distilled properly, there are no add backs of lost components. Repeatable high performance is assured after infinite distillations.

Solvent Mileage: EcoFlex Solvent with its capabilities of faster washout, less absorption into the plate, less replenishment, while working at ambient temperature means that users process greater square inches of plates per gallon of solvent.

Guaranteed Performance: There exists many alternative plate washout solution products available today. Tell us about your operation, equipment, plates, and chemistry and we will tell you how you will benefit by converting to EcoFlex Solvent. If we can not backup our claims there is no cost to you.

Washout Quality: Ecoflex solvent soluablizes and suspends washed out monomers thus, once the plate is rinsed the print height surfaces are not tacky and the image, shoulders, and floor are clean.

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