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EcoFlex Solvent is Cost Effective

There are many factors to consider, while deciding on whether or not a change in washout chemistry will benefit your company efforts. Whether you are a printing operation, staffed with a plate-making operation, or a trade house, performing the service to a printing customer base, or a printer with an emergency staff that can make duplicate plates in a pinch, conversion to EcoFlex can be of great value. The following narrative will give you insight to whether Ecoflex Washout Solvent would be beneficial to your plate-room. The narrative will be dissected into the 3 scenarios outlined above. There will be some overlap between the potential benefits accordingly.

Flexo Printer with in-house Plate-making Operation

EcoFlex will allow for faster turn around of finished plates whether you operate an inline or rotary washout unit. Typical washout speeds for inline processors are outlined below. Speed settings are reflective of running a 2001 or 3001 model, inline washout machine. Washout speed settings are presented in a range to depict average of multiple plate materials. The anticipated wash time is from the moment that the wash button is activated, until final delivery.

Plate gauge: Washout Speed Setting: Anticipated Wash time (30 x60 in.):
0.067 225-250 18.0 minutes
0.107 230-260  18.2 minutes
0.125 300-325  24.0 minutes
0.155 375-400 30.0 minutes
0.250 800-850 45.0 minutes

Of course the washout is only part of the equation. Due to extremely short exposure of the plate to solvent, absorption is minimized. Running at faster speeds minimizes the amount of rinse solvent used per plate and eliminates any puddling on the plate surface. Also, EcoFlex is designed to run at room temperature, which also minimizes solvent absorption.

In a rotary environment washout times are also accelerated. The following chart will show the expected washout times in any rotary washout unit such as a Kelleigh or Anderson Vreland name plate.

Plate gauge Washout Time:

With these extremely fast washout times, drying is accelerated as well. Typical drying times for many plate materials of 0.067 gauge the drying time to within 0.001" of original gauge is achieved in an hour or less. "Capped" plates are slightly longer.

The drying time of EcoFlex is at least, if not faster than any washout solvent in the industry, provided that the wash out speeds, are adjusted properly. EcoFlex will wash roughly 30-40% faster than the most commonly used washout solvent in the US. Fast plate turn around is especially important, when a press is down waiting on a remake. If your plant is operating close to capacity, down time can not be made up. Depending on what is being printed that could mean a loss of $500.00 to $2,000.00 per hour. If the press is waiting on a set of plates for a six-color job the down time losses are compounded. EcoFlex can greatly minimize those costly expenses. The speed of EcoFlex will maximize the capabilities of both your current wash unit capacity, as well as the employee running it.

Customers have also realized the benefit that make up solvent levels have dropped since the conversion to EcoFlex Solvent. Two factors contribute to this economy. Lower levels of solvent absorbed into the plates washed and less replenishment required in the loop. All solvent that is absorbed into washed plates is lost. The plate is placed in a 140 F.. dryer-drawer to evacuate the solvent and is drawn out by mechanical fans to become a truly fugitive emission. During distillation and cook down it is impossible to recover 100% of the available solvent. Therefor by needing to distill less often can save solvent. By taking advantage of needing less rinse or replenishment into the system per plate, fewer distillations are required. Also because EcoFlex is designed to operate between 65 . F. and 80 . F., less solvent becomes volatilized in the work place, especially when compared to solvents that require supplemental heat to perform. Whether you have your own distillation equipment, or use a reputable distillation service company more efficient use of a solvent can save money. If your company reports under Title V, EcoFlex will minimize emissions.

There are other side benefits that are realized with a conversion to EcoFlex. This solvent is very close to odorless. By eliminating nuisance odors from the work area, employee morale can be enhanced. When dedicated employees are not feeling 100%, suffering from colds, flu, or allergies nuisance odors can almost stop them in their tracks. A clean, fresh smelling work place may be of real benefit if your company frequently brings customers through the plate room on plant tours.

EcoFlex solvent, by its nature will keep washout brushes, tubing, pumps, and tanks clean, or free of monomer accumulation. By maintaining a clean washout unit less mechanical downtime will be incurred. When installing EcoFlex in a dirty machine, there is no cause for worry. EcoFlex will clean up the machine over time, systematically, with no danger of large accumulations breaking free and clogging pumps or tubing.

Washout solvent is an essential tool in the plate-making process. Make the most of the process with EcoFlex.

Trade House or Plate Making Service Company

The name of the game is to provide quality plates at competitive pricing, and turning as high of a profit margin as possible. After all, that what your business is based on. EcoFlex washout solvent is a tool that can enhance your position in the market place.

In this business, quality, meeting customer demand through efficiency, and maximizing profits are the main concerns. EcoFlex solvent can help you do just that.

There is a relatively, lengthy, and sometimes clumsy chain of communications that exists in this business. The end customer is always right and the plate maker has extreme demands on its personnel and equipment to get the job done, getting quality plates to the pressroom to meet deadlines. The plate-maker is the person that is put under extreme pressure. Job slips with multiple negatives arrive to production in mid afternoon and most of them need to go out by courier that early evening. If this sounds familiar, EcoFlex will put you in a better situation to perform.

The only answer to this dilemma is to turn around quality plates in less time. Reduced washout and drying times, partly due to the EcoFlex unparalleled performance, will make your company shine. Not only shine but become more efficient from the cost of manufacturing. Lowering the cost of solvent used per square inch of plate, lowered fugitive emissions, and providing for a cleaner work place environment, are all possible with a conversion to EcoFlex solvent.

Green science technology, with unsurpassed performance is now available.

Printer with Emergency Plate-making Capability

If your company, has its initial plates made on the outside,, and has plate making equipment solely for back-up plates or remakes, then shear speed of making a replacement should be the priority. EcoFlex solvent can save valuable press downtime.

Running 0.067" plates and washing to a relief of 0.032", it is likely that EcoFlex will save 20-30 minutes making a replacement plate. The scale is somewhat straight line so that, on a 0.250 plate washing to a relief of 0.125", the down- time minimization can be an hour.

Its also comforting to know that EcoFlex runs with no supplemental heating of the solvent for quick and effective results. EcoFlex is designed to keep the brushes of the washout unit clean, so that the machine is always ready to run, when you need it.

No matter what your needs are from you plate washout equipment EcoFlex solvent is guaranteed to enhance its performance.

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