AreaGuides Field Rep Attributes & Equipment

The following are attributes that we feel define a successful field representative for the AreaGuides Community Guide Network. In addition to personality and skill set attributes weve included a list of recommended equipment and supplies. The most important attributes are listed first:

  1. Must be an outgoing positive individual with strong outside selling skills.
  2. Must be physically fit and able to canvas for hours while carrying a sample book and/or laptop computer.
  3. Must be able to work without supervision. Although AreaGuides tries to support all field reps as much as possible, the nature of the work requires individuals that can think on their feet and make things happen with little outside help.
  4. Must be self-starters. No one will call field reps and say its time to go to work. Field reps keep their own schedule and set their own appointments.
  5. Must be organized. The buck stops with the field rep so strong organizational and customer service skills are a must.
  6. Must have a good eye for photography and be able to understand and explain the Internet and the AreaGuides product line.
  7. Must understand that working as an independent contractor building your own business has advantages and disadvantages and must see the potential upside of this project.
  8. Must believe in empowering and educating sponsors and users of our websites.
  9. Must enjoy attending and promoting community events.

A Successful Infrastructure Is Key ~ Like a successful line mechanic to be successful in any business you must have a strong set of tools. In addition to owning the tools listed below you must have the knowledge base to use them to their full potential and, most importantly, keep yourself in the best possible physical condition so health issues don't slow you down.


  1. Laptop running Windows XP* (Sony Vaio) with wireless Internet access (Verizon EVDO Network is recommended). You may also want to utilize a PDA or smart phone to keep clients organized. A good GPS unit for your car is a good idea and to really take the show on the road check out the OQO see the article link below and  (The Garmin PDA with built in GPS, Model iQue 3600 is a good choice if you don't have GPS already).
  2. Cellular Phone (Verizon recommended)
  3. Digital voice recorder for playing radio spots and client testimonials - also good for making notes in the field (may be included in your PDA).
  4. Reliable car (Toyota Prius recommended) in good condition with AreaGuides lettering. Segway HT is also recommended.
  5. Canon digital camera. (available at cost from ask for Lee)
  6. Shirts and Jackets embroidered with AreaGuides brand names (e.g.
  7. Home office with PC, printer and scanner.

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