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The Frederick SportsPlex is located on Brookfield Court at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in the Worman’s Mill Industrial Park off of North Market Street in Frederick City and near the intersection of US Route 15 and Maryland Route 26.

Resources and Size

Containing more than 1,650,000 cubic feet, the SportsPlex is the largest freestanding building in Frederick. With a footprint of 206’ x 230’, the SportsPlex boasts a 38’ ceiling height and more than 14,500 square feet of mezzanine area accessible by four stair towns and an elevator. The facility enjoys two regulation size (185’ x 85’) playing surfaces, one of which is covered in hard court and the other in artificial turf. Both fields have NHL professional-quality dasher boards.

Other Activities at the SportsPlex

In keeping with the mission of the SportsPlex as a significant community resource, many activities that are ancillary to team play have been included. The SportsPlex boasts a Sports Training Center, Food Service, Personal Training & Coaching Facilities, a Multimedia Arcade, a Sports Apparel & Equipment Pro Shop, Party & Team Rooms, and Offices for sports groups and associations.

Constituencies Served

The SportsPlex is a true multi-use facility. League play, corporate team play, regional tournaments, camps, and clinics are all hosted at the SportsPlex. The facility is home to soccer, volleyball, field hockey, roller hockey, and lacrosse. The facility is typically open for 16 hours every day.

Doing Business at the SportsPlex

The SportsPlex is home for many sports-related businesses that can benefit from the targeted and high profile audiences that the facility attracts. We encourage businesses to consider locating at the SportsPlex so that they can enjoy the benefits of a continuous flow of sports-minded, upscale customers, from soccer moms and dads, to teenagers and young children, and active adults of all ages.

SportsPlex’s Competition

With its large size, its multi-sport focus, and its wealth of ancillary sports-related activities, the SportsPlex is unique in Central and Western Maryland. While indoor sports facilities are located approximately 40 miles away in York and Gettysburg, PA, and in Rockville and Westminster, MD, none of these facilities boasts the physical plant and amenities of the SportsPlex.

Visitor Profile

The SportsPlex offers advertisers a unique opportunity to reach a highly focused upscale audience and associate their products and services with all of the benefits and good feelings of team sports and community involvement.

Who visits the SportsPlex?

Team players, and family and friends of players are our primary visitors. These people typically spend one to two hours in the facility and span an age range from young children to senior citizens. They are all united, however, by their love of sports and its ability to build strength and character. They are precisely the quality audience that all advertisers seek.

What do you mean by a "quality" audience?

SportsPlex visitors have significant disposal income, for their minimum financial commitment at the SportsPlex is $60 to play in eight games, and the total dollars they spend in the facility will be three times that figure over an eight week period. They are typically upwardly mobile professionals, middle class and upper middle class pillars of their communities.

How many people can we expect to see our message?

We estimate that no fewer than 1,000 people per day will visit the SportsPlex, or a total of approximately 350,000 per year. Tournaments, special events and all of the ancillary activities at the SportsPlex will bring in even larger crowds.

How often will they see our message?

Each visitor will come to the SportsPlex an average of 10 times over a three-month period. This repetition gives advertisers continuing reinforcement of their message.

SportsPlex advertising opportunities and audience . . . compared with those of other Frederick-area media:

Radio. The cost of a four item radio spot is twice the monthly cost of a SportsPlex ad. In addition, we deliver better demographics and a larger audience.

Newspaper. A small four-ad campaign will cost twice the monthly investment in a SportsPlex ad. And your ad at the SportsPlex will reach a more focused audience with greater average purchasing power.

Magazine. A small ad in Frederick Magazine costs more than three times the monthly cost of an ad at the SportsPlex. Both media deliver high quality audiences, but the SportsPlex’s audience is several times larger than the magazine’s audience.

Summarize the advantages of advertising at the SportsPlex

The SportsPlex provides continuous visibility to a large yet highly focused upscale audience. To reach young mothers, active fathers and upscale singles, there is no better media. You get year around exposure, repeat impressions, and community involvement. Yet the SportsPlex’s ad rates are often less than half of those of other media.

Advertising Opportunities

The SportsPlex offers advertisers a variety of extremely cost-effective media in which to highlight their products & services, display their company’s message, generate community goodwill, and enlarge their customer base.

Dasher Boards – constant visibility.

The Dasher Boards that separate the fields from the facility are in constant view.

Goal & Scoreboard Ads – maximum impact at a reasonable cost.

All eyes are constantly on the goals and the scoreboards. We have erected special boards at the top and on the sides of the goals and around the scoreboards.

Hanging Banners – flexibility and low cost.

Hanging banners are in constant view and they can be easily changed to promote a different message.

Newsletter and Direct Mail Ads – coupons & special offers.

The SportsPlex’s newsletter will be mailed to more than 10,000 participants each month. A variety of ad space, coupons, and insert space are available.

Special Opportunities – to make a major statement of support.

For organizations that wish to make a significant commitment, we offer several special programs:

Naming Rights for the Entire Facility. The "Frederick SportsPlex" can become "The YourCompany SportsPlex."

Naming Rights to the second Playing Surface. Join Farmers & Mechanics National Bank by having your company name and logo embedded in the center of the sport court playing field.

Tournament & Special Event Sponsorship. Tournaments and special events can typically be sponsored for one-time fees, depending upon the event.

Budgeting Advertising at the SportsPlex.

Advertisers might want to consider how much advertising they can purchase at the SportsPlex.

No matter how much you choose to spend, the 
SportsPlex is always your best advertising value.