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Jodar Gift Shop
14828 Baltimore Avenue
Laurel, Maryland 20707

Phone: 301-498-9063

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Gifts for all occasions: Angels, Divine Inspirations, Safari Patchwork

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Jodar Gift Shop is located at Laurel Centre Mall. We are a religious gift shop. We carry a selection of divine inspirational items. Come see our selection of angels-Heavenly Musical Angels, as well as the Aunt Sophie Recollection.

You will find "Pastor preaching at the podium", "Angel choir girl singing" and much much more. We also carry the Patchwork Collectibles, including large elephants, lions, tigers wild bulls and much more. The collectibles are covered in designer fabric safari design deftly stretched over ceramic and coated with twelve layers of hand-polished lacquer

You may visit our shop at Laurel Centre Mall, 14828 Baltimore Avenue, Laurel, Maryland. 301-498-9063; we would love to communicate personally with you. Also, feel free to E-mail us at  

27350 Cherubim Angel $29.95
28009 Angel with Lamb $29.95
28126 Musical Angel with Baby & Dove $34.95
27031 Musical Angel with Trumpet $34.95
27064 Safari Patchwork Elephant $39.95
25733 Floral Patchwork Elephant $19.95
27068 Safari Patchwork Lion $19.95
28088 Guardian Angel in Flower Garden $19.95
28173 Safari Patchwork Tiger $19.95
28302 Aunt Sophie $15.95
25725 Pastor Preaching at the Podium $15.95
27173 Musical Carousel $49.95
24776 Musical Merry-go-round $109.95
25142 Musical Clown $39.95
21793 Clown $29.95

There is a $6.95 delivery charge. With your order, please make your check or money order payable to: Jodar Gift Shop, P.O. Box 4699 Capitol Heights, MD 20791-4699.   Allow three to four weeks for delivery.  A free catalog will be sent with your order.


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