Council of Healers

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Phone: 703-771-3932
E-mail: shoughlinks@aol.com 
Website: www.artofhealing.net 

Mid Atlantic Council of Healers is a diverse group of professionals who are trained in helping people in their healing process. As healers, we have each made a conscious choice to be a healing influence in our world. Most of us do not think of ourselves as healers in the dramatic "laying on of hands/miracle working" sense, although some of us do hands on healing and have helped people in remarkable recoveries. We just would not lay claim to being the sole healer for any individual and our work is broader than just physical healing. We see ourselves most importantly as skilled support and catalytic guidance to assist individuals in their healing process. We help people move into their own greater maturity, deepen their own spiritual awareness and take more responsibility for their own healing. We have a broad range of trainings to assist people in their healing and help them advance in their personal and professional growth. We also have several mentoring programs for people who are interested in developing or deepening their own healing abilities.

Some of the current classes we offer are:

How to Have a Life That Works~ Life sculpting to create a life of passionate involvement, joy, and fulfillment.

Career Sculpting Support Groups~ Intimate groups that assist in you listening more deeply to your own heart as your guide as you shape your career and life.

Feng Shui~ Providing ways to enhance work and home environments.

Parenting in Turbulent Times~ Facing the modern challenges of parenting through divorce and separation.

Supporting Girls in Adolescence~ An open, safe space for young girls to share their particular challenges and stresses, and receive professional support.

Intuitive Development~ learning to trust your intuition as your greatest natural resource in life.

Opening to Spirit~ A guided group meditation which supports you in tuning into your own spiritual guidance.

Shamanic Journey~ Explore this Native American meditation process.

Anatomy of an Aura~ Understanding the human aura as a guide for healing. Learning to sense the aura through color, sound and vibration.

"artwork by Jane Luce"

Hands on Healing Classes~ individual mentoring classes for people wanting to develop and refine their own healing abilities.

Art as a Personal Healing Practice~ Reclaiming Art as your own vital expressive outlet and deep personal healing process.

Susan Hough is the general coordinator for the Mid Atlantic Council of Healers, and will be the first person you speak with when you call our number. She will be able to give you a more intimate sense of who we are, what we are about and how we can be a challenging and supportive resource for you in your personal, professional and spiritual growth. Susan is a gifted counselor and healer in her own right, and has been actively involved in the healing arts for over 20 years. She has chosen to be our coordinator at this point, because she, herself, has grown so much over the years within the healing support, guidance and inspiration of our community and she simply believes in us. As she puts it 'I believe in the integrity, professional commitment and compassionate wisdom of our teachers, and healers and I want to help more people find us and connect with us. 'When you call she be able to give you whatever practical details you need about our various levels of classes, public workshops, support groups and mentoring programs. 

She will also give you her own valuable insights and help you sort out which classes and teachers are most suited to your personal needs. And, most importantly, she will open the door to our community.

Pamela Finnerty has been a teacher and counselor for over twenty-five years. Currently, she incorporates energy work to empower career and life transition mentoring in individual, group, and workshop settings. Participants are guided in assessing deep inner wisdom about how to shape a career that reflects the authentic self. The journey toward self-discovery and empowerment occurs in an atmosphere of deep acceptance of the humanity and spiritual potential of each of her students. Throughout her career, she has woven teaching and counseling together. She is available for individual and group career and life transition mentoring, and teaches Career Sculpting workshops regularly.

Reverend Sue Greer has been a healer, teacher and clairvoyant for over 25 years.

Mary Branch Grove has been working and teaching in the healing arts since 1982. She provides students with a sound foundation in the basics of the healing arts as well as providing a wide range of complimentary healing systems to explore. She has expertise in many different areas among which are Energy Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, Esoteric Healing, Clinical Social Work, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Hypnotism, Shamanism and Past Life Therapy. She is deeply compassionate, insightful and has a no-nonsense approach that encourages empowerment in her clients.

Reverend Jennifer Halls has been a practicing intuitive since 1986 and has a gift of helping others access their inner guidance. Ordained as a minister and healer she devotes herself full time to offering private consultations, experimental meditations and workshops on ways to use and develop intuition. For a phone consultation please call her office in South Carolina at (803) 329-3411. Jennifer travels regularly to Virginia for individual sessions or classes.


Jane Leigh Luce has been a practicing fine artist, design consultant, and teacher for over 20 years. During the last decade, her work has evolved toward transformation healing work including sacred fine art, spiritually centered graphic design, facilitative teaching, and intuitive readings. She assists her clients in connecting with their own essential healing imagery, finding a way to express these images and moving through the internal and external stretches involved in doing so. Her primary focus is on encouraging the full beauty within each of us to bloom, and her greatest joy is in seeing this happen over and over in her students. Jane's classes work like intimate support groups for those who would like to reclaim their own distinctively creative and spiritually centered way of life. She is also available for more intensive work with individuals.

Jan Iris Smith LCSW, BCD is a seasoned psychotherapist with over 25 years of practice. She has extensive training in clinical social work, energy healing, group psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, couples and family therapy. In addition, she is a skilled teacher, trainer and clinical supervisor. Jan blends her knowledge of psychotherapy and alternative healing practices in her treatment of individuals, couples and groups, supporting healing the body, mind, heart and spirit. She is committed to guiding her clients in reaching their own optimal health and balance in life. She has offices in Cabin John, Maryland and Vienna, Virginia.

For More Information about us call Susan Hough at 703-771-3932

Schedule of Classes:


SEPT. 7-9: SHAMANIC JOURNEY WORKSHOP with REV. SUE GREER. IN THIS INTENSIVE RESIDENTIAL RETREAT WE WILL BE USING VARIOUS FORMS OF SHAMANIC JOURNEYING TO ACCESS OUR SPIRIT AND INNATE WISDOM. Out of these journeys we will create our personal shields to hold the power and clarity of our vision. These shields, made of canvas and wood, will bring together spirit guidance, totems, and personal symbols to awaken and maintain the reference to the spirit world. Rev. Greer has been doing shamanic work for over fifteen years and her work as a spiritual teacher and healer is renowned. Her primary focus is teaching and empowering others to find their way to spirit through these group workshops and her mentoring program. Please contact Susan Hough if interested in this at shoughlinks@aol.com .

SEPT. 5, NOV. 7, & DEC. 5 : OPENING YOUR INTUITION: AN EVENING MEDITATION SERIES WITH REV. JENNIFER HALLS. These experiential classes focus on recognizing, developing and embodying your intuition through guided meditation, class discussion and interaction with your body's wisdom and subtle energy. She has helped many, since 1986, discover how to bring more of themselves, their hearts, minds and spirits, to work and life. She is ordained as a Minister of Healing by Rosalyn Bruyere. Private consultations available. Please contact Susan Hough at shoughlinks@aol.com  if interested.

SEPT. 29-30: INTRO / INTERMEDIATE CLASS FOR HEALERS: with MARY BRANCH GROVE, PLUS ONGOING: INDIVIDUAL MENTORING PROGRAM FOR HEALERS, OFFERING IN DEPTH PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION AND SPIRITUAL MENTORSHIP FOR THOSE WANTING TO REFINE AND DEEPEN THEIR SKILLS AND AWARENESS AS EMERGING HEALERS. To assist you in developing your own unique style, support your continuing spiritual growth, and guide you with suggestions regarding client interactions. Mary Branch Grove has been working and teaching in the healing arts since 1982. Please contact Susan Hough at shoughlinks@aol.com  if interested.

OCT. 11-14: ADVENTURES OF THE MASKED MARAUDER, FINDING COMFORT WITH OURSELVES WITH REV. JENNIFER HALLS. Access your intuitive self by creating masks that will teach, strengthen and inspire you, while becoming more comfortable with your 'shadow side', that Masked Marauder in all of us. Jennifer has helped many, since 1986, learn to access & develop their intuition. Please contact Susan Hough at shoughlinks@aol.com  if interested in this.

NOV. 3-4: FENG SHUI CONSULTATIONS, with MARY BRANCH GROVE. Focusing on enhancing your work and home environments by following the principles of the Black Sect Tantric Buddhism School of Feng Shui. Private consultations also available. Contact Susan Hough if interested at shoughlinks@aol.com .

ONGOING: FOR GIRLS ONLY: BECOMING THE WOMAN YOU WANT TO BE WITH SUSAN HOUGH, BSW. A MENTORING AND SUPPORT PROGRAM FOR TEENAGE GIRLS. Susan has worked with adolescents for over 15 years and brings fresh insights and creative energy to a difficult time of life. Individual mentoring and Monthly Groups Available.

ONGOING : GROUPS FOR MOMS, WITH SUSAN HOUGH, BSW. THIS GROUP SUPPORTS BOTH THE MOTHER AND THE WOMAN IN YOU. It is by really listening to ourselves and truly honoring ourselves that we best teach our children. Explore ways to stay real and truly intimate with yourself and your child through life's most challenging years. Private, individual guidance also available.

OCT. 6 : TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE, with DEBBIE SIDAY. TO CREATE THE FUTURE YOU WANT, YOU MUST HAVE ABSOLUTE CLARITY ABOUT WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DESIRE. Successful organizations create strategies to achieve the desired results. Put these powerful principles to work in your life. Live proactively and achieve your BEST YEAR YET. One day workshop, Saturday Oct. 6th, 10am -4pm, 8302-C Old Courthouse Road, Vienna, VA. Space is limited. Call 540-937-3444  or email at dsiday@erols.com  to sign up or get additional information. Coaching and Group Workshops also available for Individuals, Executives and Corporations.

ONGOING: PSYCHOTHERAPY AND TRAINING with JAN IRIS SMITH, LCSW, BCD Using individual, couple and group sessions. Jan is a dynamic psychotherapist who works with adolescents (11-18) and adults in trouble and transition. She blends her more than 25 years experience in therapy with a spiritual orientation. Also offering training and supervision for social workers and bodyworkers who seek to grow in their professional work. Contact Susan Hough if interested in this at shoughlinks@aol.com .

ONGOING: ART AS A PERSONAL HEALING PRACTICE / SOUNDING THE DEPTHS with JANE LUCE, A WARMLY SUPPORTIVE , NURTURING AND CATALYTIC CLASS FOR ALL WHO WANT TO RECLAIM ART AS A VITAL EXPRESSIVE OUTLET AND A VERY PERSONAL HEALING PRACTICE. Working with Meditation and Dream Imagery, art that is done in a Sacred context creates a true healing exchange between your conscious and unconscious processes, assists you in becoming more creatively involved in your deep healing and opens you to far greater freedom and joy in your life. Intimate, fun support groups of six, as well as individual classes offered. Contact Susan Hough at shoughlinks@aol.com  if interested in this program.


Contact person: SUSAN HOUGH 703-771-3932 / E-mail: shoughlinks@aol.com 


Council of Healers

301 Lounsbury Court, N.E.
Leesburg, Virginia 20176
Phone: 703-771-3932
E-mail: shoughlinks@aol.com 
Website: www.artofhealing.net 


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