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In 1996 went online. This was the start of a series of websites that would be developed to promote and provide information regarding the Washington D.C. metro area. Area businesses would be invited to sponsor the sites and rewarded with prime listings on the websites' business and services menus. In fact, since businesses would be listed in the order of sign-up, those who join early are rewarded for their faith in the business plan.

Prime website addresses (URL) were secured for each jurisdiction. For example, the domain name was secured for Prince George's County, Maryland. This is of prime importance because on the Internet the URL is your location. And, as we all know from Real Estate, location is everything! Next, an award winning website design was created by a team of Internet and graphics designers. The design incorporated three major elements:

Ease of use ~ These new community guide websites had to be easy to use. Upon entering the sites, information had to be only a few mouse clicks away. Full site search engines and a constantly updated table of contents had to be included.

Photos ~ Each site would contain hundreds of photos. Photos of area housing, parks, schools, historic sites, and special events would be included. After all, to folks from out of the area, a photo really is worth a thousand words - and a few smiles.

Interactive ~ From the start, there had to be fully interactive discussion groups, community bulletin boards, and free classified advertising services. These open forums allow the websites to come to life 24 hours a day.

How have we done? ~Presently, there are more than 20 area guides on line and all sites are accessible through More than 2500 local businesses have joined our sites as sponsors. Even so, we're just getting started. Our target is to have thirty sites operational by the end of the year 2008 with more than 15000 business sponsors. By the end of 2010 we'll have more than 60,000 sponsors on 60 sites. This breaks down to an average of five businesses in each of 200 categories on 60 sites. This way each business is visible ~ check out the number of businesses under each heading in your local yellow pages. We also have plans to establish a nationwide network of community guides all linked through our brand name.

Many prime sponsorship spots are still available. For example, to date, the number one listing in the banking category is still available on some sites! Many other business categories list only one or two sponsors. Remember, by joining us now you lock in the $575 annual rate and the listing order of your business on our menu for ten years! That's valuable Internet Real Estate for your firm for only $575 per year.

The question? ~ Will it be of value to a business to be the number one florist, yacht broker, insurance company, antique shop, art gallery, or salon listed on the community guide for their area? Is the Internet here to stay? Should we all have purchased Microsoft stock when it was $9 per share?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we would like you to join us by becoming a sponsor of one or more of our area guide websites. Sponsorships start at just $575 per year and all sponsors lock in their rate and spot on the business menu for up to ten years! For example, The Flag House Inn owns the number one spot on the list of Bed and Breakfast Inns on the Anne Arundel County guide. They acted first and supported the guide when it was new and now they're sitting pretty on a valuable piece of Internet Real Estate. Please contact us today so we can share this exciting opportunity with your business too.

Come grow with us!

Craig Shipp, Founder

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