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Agent Starter Kit

In order to support our independent agents in the field we have organized kits including key tools and supplies needed to properly take advantage of this business opportunity. These kits are purchased by the agent and become their property The kit contains the following items:

1) Digital Camera - We have tested many models so our agents can count on good photos. 

2) Zip Disc Drive - Moving large files is easy with a Zip disc drive.

3) Flash Path Adaptor - Convenient for moving image files from the camera to your computer.

4) Business Cards - Standardized business cards help our agents present themselves.

5) Post Cards - Colorful postcards tell our story in a convenient package.

6) Store Window Decals - These decals let our sponsors show their support for the AreaGuides.com network.

7) Sample Book - Our sample books are the best way to bring our product to the prospect.

8) Page Protectors - Great for handing out professional looking samples

9) Sample Case - Helps you keep the above items organized and easy to transport.

10) Name /Phone Decals - Use these to customize the supplied postcards.



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