Grasshopper Gemini 700 Series Mower & Snow Blower

Last week I took delivery of my new 725 Kubota powered Grasshopper mower. Although this is a commercial grade mower mine will be used to cut 1.5 acres of obstacle ridden ground. The goal was to replace my garden tractor with a machine that would go around trees and flower beds without backing up and constantly trying to maneuver to get close to borders.

I achieved these goals and get a beautiful cut in less than one quarter of the time I spent cutting with the tractor and trim mover. Total mowing time with the tractor was more than 3 hours and it is now 45 minutes with the Grasshopper. Although the Grasshopper I purchased cost a bit more than most garden tractors it will last much longer and save me many hours while at-the-same-time producing a quality cut.

An added bonus is a comfortable ride and a lot of fun to operate. With this machine you may actually look forward to cutting the lawn!

Craig Shipp - Webmaster 

In the photo at the right you can see a few of the reasons these purpose-built machines save time:
  • Out Front Mowing Decks
  • Zero-Turn Maneuvering
  • Low Center of Gravity
  • Wide Stance
  • Comfortable Seating
  • Excellent Visibility
  • Heavy Duty Construction
There are many power plant options to choose from. Pictured here is the Kubota 24.5 hp water cooled gas option. 

There are also Kubota diesel engines and several Kohler power options to choose from.

Let the folks at Knott & Geisbert help you choose the mower that's correct for your application. And, while you are there ask about the many attachment options which will further enhance your Grasshopper experience. (see Snow Blower below)

60" Snow Blower

At right is the optional 60" Snow Blower attachment. It's simple to remove the mower deck and attach this blower. The zero-turn capability makes this unit easier to use than most blowers.

Call today for more information or to order yours!

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