View Your SessionID

View your Session ID

Shoppers Alert

Our StoreFront shopping system uses a "session ID" to manage each shoppers order. The session ID is a "non-persisitent" cookie meaning that it is never saved to your computers hard drive but is only cached in the browsers memory for twenty minutes or until the browser is closed. The session ID consists only of a short number. Hold your mouse over the cookie image at the left to view your current session ID.

To complete your shopping process please set your browser to accept the session ID.

For Internet Explorer:
Go to View | Internet Options and select the Advanced tab. Set the option to allow cookies or to ask each time a cookie is set. If you select the option to ask each time a cookie is used then you will need to select Yes when requesting a page that shows a cookie being used.

For Netscape:
Select Edit | Preferences and then open the Advanced link and select either of the select options or to warn before accepting. If you set the browser to warn before accepting then be sure to click yes when alerted that a page is using a cookie.

This will enable us to accurately track and record your order. Thank You.