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1) MedicalTalk.COM is the Internet home of Dr. Gabe Mirkin, M.D:

Publications ~Dr. Mirkin has written eight books, numerous chapters in medical textbooks, many articles for scientific publications and is the author and publisher of "The Mirkin Report," a monthly journal on the latest breakthroughs in health, fitness, nutrition and sexuality.

Broadcasting ~Dr. Mirkin has been doing a long form talk radio program each weekday evening since 1979, starting on CBS-owned WCAU, Philadelphia. In 1982 his long form nightly talk program was picked up by NBC owned-and-operated WRC radio in Washington, DC. WWRC continues to carry this program which began in national syndication in 1996 and is now heard in cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

2) MedicalTalk.COM contains over 1,500 pages of medical reference materials, health food recipes, questions and answers, and other interesting health and medical data.

3) MedicalTalk.COM is visited by thousands of Dr. Mirkin's listeners each week. Many of these individuals visit the site to find help with health problems.

4) After initial site construction is completed, Dr. Mirkin plans to mention MedicalTalk.COM often on his syndicated radio show which is broadcast on more than 50 stations five days a week. This should start not later than July, 1999. Currently, the following URLs forward to the site:,, and

In addition, MedicalTalk.COM is promoted through banner ads in the AreaGuides.COM network.

5) Sponsorships are available on a first come first listed basis and there will only be 12 prime sponsorships available for the first two years. Prime sponsors will have small banner click through ads in a prominent location on the homepage of the site. These banner ads will also be featured on at least six of the major index pages of the site. The banner ads will appear in a sponsorship box as two rows of six banners listed left to right in the order of sign-up. See sample below for size and layout.

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6) The total sponsorship fee will be $500 per month. This rate is guaranteed not to go up for at least two years. We do reserve the right to remove or exclude a sponsor from the site. We agree not to exercise this option unreasonably.

7) Funds raised though this sponsorship program are to be utilized to improve and expand the website. Complete website stats are available, at all times, to sponsors via our webtrends server software package. This site produces verifiable results.

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