Network Recruitment Meeting

I - Why AreaGuides?

1) There are several tasks the Internet is most suited for:

a) Research;
b) Travel Information;
c) selling things / online classifieds;
d) exchanging information; e-mail, forums, blogs;
e) communication - again e-mail, VoIP, Chat, streaming

2) All of the above happen on the following levels:

a) World;
b) National;
c) Regional;
d) Local

3) The biggest challenges users of the Internet face:

a) access;
b) finding what they want;
c) getting their message out to their target audience;
d) education - how to get the most out of the 'net

AreaGuides addresses all these issues and is positioned to become a key player in the daily lives of those living in the communities that we serve.

II - Competition

1) AreaGuides faces various competitors:

a) Other local portals;
b) Local and regional newspaper sites;
c) Google, Yahoo and other global portal sites

AreaGuides answers competitors by having the best URLs for our local portal sites plus the AreaGuides brand name to tie them all together as a network. We are small enough to focus on the local community yet large enough to offer cutting edge technology to our users and sponsors.

III - Upside

1) What is the upside potential for the AreaGuides Network? Where do we go from here?

a) Google has a market capitulation of 118 Billion US Dollars;
b) Google serves about 100 top MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical Area) world wide which means Google is worth at least (1) Billion dollars per MSA;
c) and since the Washington DC area is ranked number eight in the USA for MSAs this market is worth more than (1) Billion dollars.

Since AreaGuides is in the best position to dominate the Washington DC market it stands to reason this network could be worth well over (1) Billion dollars within several years - more than enough to make all the key players that join the team early multi-millionaires!

IV - Roll Out

1) New Look: DVD, brochures, postcards
2) Washington Post Ads - this fall
3) Promotional Partners' Program

V - What is Expected of Reps?

1) Under promise and over deliver!
2) Professional level of appearance and service at all times.
3) Get out and make things happen. Don't be afraid to ask for a check!
4) Stay up to date on technology - don't operate with your hands tied.