Database Driven Menu & Key Word Search
Control access to your business with key words!

Sponsors of the Network may each supply up to ten key words to trigger their listing coming up via the key word search function. These key words are in addition to any words already contained on the sponsor's webpage. Since many website visitors use these search engines it makes since for our sponsors to get the most out of them. Key words can be updated anytime via our Sponsor Interface. (Note: Call Customer Service at 800-221-8048 for your log-on and password information.)
Search Results

In the example at right the Frederick SportsPlex is using the keyword "SportsPlex" when they add community events. This way they can include in all their advertising "search the keyword SportsPlex on for a list of all our events".

In this way becomes their own private events calendar as only their events come up under the keyword SportsPlex. Note at right that the search results are displayed in three sections: Business, Community & Events.

Controlling The Major Internet Search Engines

I'm often asked about the major Internet search engines such as Yahoo!, AltaVista and Google. Every sponsor wants their webpage to come up number one on every Internet search engine. Unfortunately the only way to guarantee this result would be to buy the search engines in question. Even in today's .com environment this would cost a fortune. This is why building our brand names and creating our own local Yahoo! is a better bet. Within our own network we can control access to your listing. This network you do own! Remember, all sponsors are listed first-come first-listed so you always know where you appear in our menu system. And, since the annual sponsorship fee is guaranteed not to increase for a period of ten years you know we are not going to raise your rates as the sites become more popular. So join the Promotional Partners Program and let's work together to build our own search engine!

Call 800-221-8048 if there are any questions regarding the use of these FREE services.


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