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Field Agent's Pay Projections

The projections below are based on five new webpage customers per week and working 50 weeks per year. The residual income is based on an 80% renewal rate. It is understood that only those agents meeting a quota of 5 new sales per week and actively participating in the renewal process are eligible for residuals. Agents are vested when they have at least 500 current clients. At this level agents must maintain at least 500 current sponsors to receive commissions on timely renewals. In some cases agents are assigned territories and may need to produce more sales before vesting. Agent commissions are payable only if the agent working under supervision is producing their quota. Multiple sales count as single new clients. (e.g. if you sell Giant Food on 11 sites it counts as 1 new client). If, however, Giant buys 11 separate pages for separate locations and pays 11 setup fees the sale would count as 11 new sponsors.

We believe these projections are conservative in that they do not include up-sales. For example, the sale of a subweb generates a $725 commission and counts as three new customers. Also, as we develop other up-sale products our representatives will have more opportunities to generate additional commissions from their current client base. The implementation of these additional programs, however, will depend on our achieving the quotas outlined herein for our current product line.

Year Total Pages Sold Sales Commissions
1 250 $46,875
2 450 $84,375
3 610 $114,375


Each sale generates the following commissions:
Product Sales Person
Enhanced Webpage ($375) $187.50*
Full-Custom Webpage ($575) $287.50*
Domain Website ($400 additional) $200
Tour / Event  Sponsorship ($850) $425
Setup Fee ($100) $50
e-commerce through 270Net.com ($50 per month) 12.5%
e-inventory through 270Net.com ($20 per month) 12.5%

* Representatives or agents earn this amount on new sales assuming they are following our business plan including generating at least five new sponsors per week. The standard commission is $100 less for those who do not follow the business plan. 

Renewals generate the full commission if the representative is still in good standing and is following the business plan (renewals must be paid 30 days prior to the expiration of the sponsor's term). In addition, sponsors coming up for renewal must be visited by the rep prior to renewal and the sponsor must sign off on a copy of their webpage acknowledging that they are happy with the current page or noting any changes or updates requested. This signed copy of the sponsor's webpage must be turned in prior to or at the time of payment (in other words turn the proof in with the renewal check). If the client pays as a result of invoicing and we have received a signed off proof of the sponsor's page and the sales rep has followed all other aspects of the customer service guidelines a commission will be issued. It is advised that reps renew their accounts 60 days prior to the sponsors expiration date and, at the same time, turn in a signed off proof of the page updates requested by the sponsor. Sponsorship Renewal Worksheet.

Special Note: The five per week quota is waived for reps who are making a good faith effort to follow the business plan - including turning in ten warm leads per day. 

Note: In some cases sales reps are supplied leads which come via radio ads, visits to the site, or telemarketing. These leads are meant to supplement the reps normal production. As long as the rep is continuing to generate five new sales per week canvassing there will be no fee associated with such leads. If, however, the rep fails to achieve the quota a fee of $100 (for each page sold) per lead will be charged for such leads which result in sales. 

Customer Service / Complaints: All reps and agents are responsible for maintaining happy sponsors. Complaints from sponsors will generate charge backs of commissions and repeated complaints may result in the loss of a territory. Customer service must be our number one concern.

These positions are available to anyone on our team who works hard and is able to help others do the same. For example, any sales person who trains and manages four new sales people will earn sales manager commissions. Management commissions are only paid if the sales person is producing at least five sales per week (250 per year). Any sales manager who has at least four sales managers under them will become a regional manager. A regional manager with at least four regional managers under them will become a district manager.

Each district will have 42,000 paying clients. The state of Maryland, for example, could support such numbers.


In addition to building long term residual income our agents have the opportunity to maintain exclusive canvassing territories. Territories are assigned to individuals who are following the business plan and producing an average of five sales per week within their assigned territory. Sales may be made in other territories but they must be as a result of selling activities other then canvassing (e.g. a referral). This system allows producing reps to develop their own "community" of clients and assures the rep that as this business takes off their territory will not be flooded with additional sales reps canvassing the same area they have been cultivating. If management decides to split a territory to allow for better coverage the new rep brought into the existing territory will be managed by the current rep and all management commissions would be earned by the then "territory" manager. In addition to stock options, these territories are another reward for your hard work! Territories are only in force if the rep maintains a high customer satisfaction grade and at least an 80% renewal rate. 

Note: Fundraising, radio ads, referrals and telemarketing sales are excluded from territory restrictions.

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Time Management

Keeping A Log: It is easier to keep on track and sell your  five new sponsors per week if you keep a log of all sales contacts. The best logbook is a spiral notebook. In addition to comments you should list the date, time, name and address of each contact. Always update the log as soon as possible after contact with a new client - this way the info (comments, etc.) are fresh in your mind. The log should be used for follow-up purposes. In addition, we are currently developing an on-line database that will allow for you to enter contact information via the web. This will enable us to send follow-up mailers and other support materials to aid in the selling process.

Special Note: Although our business plan calls for cold canvassing as our main means of generating new sales, some leads may be provided to sales reps via telemarketing and/or radio advertising. In these cases referral fees may be charged against commissions.

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