Prize Program - Get New Customers In The Door!
Sometimes a free prize is a great way to land a life-long customer!

Sponsors of the Network are entitled to FREE use of the classified sections of all sites in the network. Sponsors are encouraged to advertise sale items or run help wanted ads. All postings appear in real time and may include photos or document attachments.
Originally created by our partners at 270Net Technologies, this fully automated prize program was designed to generate traffic to the homepage. The idea was that winners would tell their friends that they won a cool prize just for hitting the community guide webpage. 

A spin off benefit of this program is that it has turned out to be a very efficient way for our sponsors to generate new customers. For example a salon that started giving out haircuts commented a few weeks into the program that this was a great way to build their client base as prize winners tend to become regular paying customers.

Like many of the advanced features developed by the folks at 270Net this Prize Program is fully automated requiring little on-going maintenance. The sponsor simply tells us what prize they wish to give out and at what interval and the system does the rest. Then, visitors to the website randomly win the prizes. This encourages users of the site to visit often as this increases their chances of winning. 

Call 800-942-7778 if there are any questions regarding the use of these FREE services.


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