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Company Name Abel Coats Young & Wisniewski  
Street Address 25 East Patrick Street  
City, State Frederick, MD  
Phone Number (301) 663-5505  
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Steve - on sites without an active rep they can call customer service (800-221-8048) Signup commissions should still go to the rep that entered the new sponsor's data in the system (planted the seed). This assumes they are still active in the system.

We could also make the word yellowpages a link to a page that give the advantages of the AreaGuides Network over the so-called yellowpages - this could be fun - for one thing we could have a graphic showing a pile of yellowpage books with all the various names they go by now and make the point that there is only one 

Also, we should have a link on the previous page below the free listings: "Suggest A Business To List Here". This could launch a form where they could send us business listing info that we could review and post - this could be done by a sales rep because the referral is a prospect. This referral page could also give the same on-line signup options above in case it's the business owner making the suggestion. They should be allowed to suggest a listing without buying anything but we should clearly give the option to buy.

Here's an example of how the free listings could appear on the menu system (fonts are only close):
(note: if you want to go to three lines we could show the state and zip code and put the phone on the third line)

Abel Coats Young & Wisniewski - edit / upgrade listing
1578 Carey Place - Frederick - (301) 663-5505

Alexander H M Jr CPA -
edit / upgrade listing
25 East Patrick Street - Frederick - (301) 695-1040

Alexander Marie D -
edit / upgrade listing
420 West Patrick St - Frederick - (301) 662-8588

Ashbury M Dunbar Jr Cpa -
edit / upgrade listing
7210 Indian Summer Lane - Frederick - (301) 662-4423

Balch John W CPA -
edit / upgrade listing
178 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 200 - Frederick - (301) 694-8549

Blackburn Scott D CPA -
edit / upgrade listing
129 West Patrick Street - Frederick - (301) 694-8006

Boyle & Biggs PA -
edit / upgrade listing
97 Thomas Johnson Drive - Frederick - (301) 662-9778

Bradac Corinne M CPA -
edit / upgrade listing
14 West Patrick Street Suite 112 - Frederick - (301) 662-7220

Bryan J Moore & Associates LLC -
edit / upgrade listing
178 Thomas Johnson Drive, - Frederick - (301) 694-6636

Business Management Company -
edit / upgrade listing
Serving Frederick County - 301-698-0795

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The only other issue that that I've run into is the need to put some listings under more than one category. In working on the Arlington site I've had to put many businesses into the system as more than one record to solve the problem. Down the road this will create problems with redundant data. Steve, hopefully we can add to the edit function the ability to tag a listing under more than one category. Also, needed but not as big a problem is the ability to tag under additional domains. For example I couldn't find some business types in Arlington but I found them in Alexandria. It would be helpful in this situation to be able to tag on both sites. Also for businesses like amusement parks that draw from several counties this would be helpful - regional listings if you will. The key thing here is to try and keep the interface to add listings as simple as it is now but add these additional capabilities in the edit interface.

Also, it would make the data entry process easier if the table listing those that have been added for a category is displayed below the data entry box - this will make it easier to keep up with those businesses that have been added. This is especially helpful if adding from various sources. As it is now we need to click on the link to generate the table as needed. If load time is acceptable it would be helpful to have the data displayed each time a business is added. 

Otherwise, I think this new approach will pay off as I believe we can end up with the best on-line directory for local businesses. All the so-called yellowpage sites seem to be short on local data in many categories so they push national clients that they have arrangements with. Not helpful for those looking for local listings.

Note: The Verizon SuperPages site has a link to report incorrect listings and it allows the user to select the business and then it captures the data and then allows for the user to suggest changes and give comments. I still think it's better to have a link with each listing because this eliminates the need to select the business. But the Verizon method would be a good second choice. 

Last updated 4/27/06 6:42pm