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Sponsor Removal Form

Please review the following form and sign if fully understood. Call 800-942-7778 with questions.
(this form is necessary in order to ovoid our sponsor saying "I never intended to give up my spot".)

The sponsor listed below understands that by canceling their sponsorship of the AreaGuides.com Community Guide website listed below they give up all rights to any listing locations they may have within the AreaGuides.com network. This includes any webpage(s), menu listings, publications or website search engines that may list the sponsor's business.

The sponsor further understands that this action is final and that once their listing locations are given up those listed below will move up into their spot.  In addition, the sponsor understands that the URL of their webpage will be reassigned and/or redirected to another sponsor(s) upon cancellation of their sponsorship. AreaGuides.com and our Promotional Partners have worked to promote each and every sponsor feature page and we intend to utilize traffic generated to such pages to benefit active sponsors. 

The sponsor also understands that spots in their category may be limited and may not be available at a later date.

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