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Peace of mind: The smartest buy of all.

Stay in smart shape

Only one thing beats a smart deal. That's enjoying it over time. With the Wynn's Product Warranty Program on your side, you'll really enjoy your smart deal come winter or summer, rain or shine, on city streets or the open road.

Use a smart solution

The Wynn's Product Warranty Program consists of a full supply of special products designed to prevent the breakdown of important, internally lubricated engine parts and other vital systems of a vehicle. Each different type of protection plan available features products specially formulated to maintain specific parts of the car for different periods of time and mileage. The products are confidently backed by the Wynn's Product Warranty. The warranty is backed by Wynn Oil Company, well known for quality products, responsive service, and a trusted reputation in vehicle care that dates back to 1939.

Handle breakdowns the smart way

The Wynn's Product Warranty Program keeps your car running its best, so you don't need to worry about the cost and inconvenience caused by unexpected repairs. If any covered part breaks down, we'll offer quick and convenient assistance.

Make a smart decision

Wynn's has proven know-how to help prevent breakdowns, rather than just handling them when they occur. That gives you the security to spend more time enjoying and less time worrying about your car.

Wynn's Product Warranty Program Coverage

Covered parts* include: Engine; Transmission; Rear Drive or Transaxle; Power Steering

If optional products are purchased, covered parts* include: Air Conditioner; Fuel System & Cooling System; 4-Wheel Drive; Turbocharger or Supercharger

Protection as selected: Our protection plans can run from 3 months/3,000 miles up to as long as 36 months/45,000 miles. Ask your dealer about the one that best meets your needs.

Additional benefits:

Repair payments can be made directly to repair facilities. No "deductibles" charged on covered mechanical parts or labor.

Wynn's line of specially formulated products keeps your car in smart shape. Those products are the strong foundation of a product warranty program that has produced satisfied customers across the entire country.

*See the Wynn's Product Warranty contract for complete details regarding the different plans and their respective coverages and exclusions.

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