Side FX

Side FX as the duo has been playing music for the past 9 years at resorts, Festivals and in night clubs in southwest Florida.

Now working together on original music, they are releasing their new CD.

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Just released! Side FX Latest CD "BOOM BOOM (Someone Had To Do It) Listen Now!

     Angie Pirrgo and Bob Claery created a wonderful blend of music on their new CD "BOOM BOOM (Someone Had To Do It". The CD has the new anti-war song Boom Boom which has been in the making since the 1980's (see history of Boom Boom). The CD plays on many moods from jazzy, rock edge to island attitude.
     Bob plays midi-synthesizer guitar which can produce any sound from any instrument he chooses. He also plays bass and sings. Angie is the main vocalist and plays flute, keys and WX5 Midi-Wind controller. Together they are a great combo with a wide range of music and talents.

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Download the whole CD or just a song if you like, start with BOOM BOOM (Someone Had To Do It)

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