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New Sponsor Sign-Up Procedure

Our goal is to include as many sponsors as possible on our sites as soon as possible. In order to achieve speed and quality we follow the following guidelines:

1) All new sponsors complete our webpage application (use the general application off the AreaGuides URL) and pay the annual sponsorship fee in advance (Master Card & Visa are accepted). Fees, if any, for setup and/or photos may be paid half at time of application and balance upon successful completion of the webpage construction. Special Note: Always use our Webpage Development Worksheet to guide you through this process.

2) Our representative collects acceptable content material for the webpage and/or takes photos of the sponsor's business and generates ad copy for the page.

3) Samples of existing webpages are reviewed with the new sponsor so the client knows what to expect as a final product.

4) A webpage is built and the sponsor is provided a proof copy or is allowed to proof on-line (see special note below).

5) The proof is returned to the sales representative with any changes clearly marked on the proof and/or on an additional sheet of paper. If the proof is OK without changes it's initialed as OK. After the sponsor has approved the final page a referral request form is left with the sponsor. This form should then be picked up in a few days. 

6) If our representative takes photos for the sponsor and the sponsor is not happy with the results any fee we charged for taking and processing the photos will be refunded and we will be happy to then scan and utilize any color prints supplied by the client.

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Guide For Our Sales Representatives

"We will feature your business on our community guide." Clients listed on our community guides are "sponsors".


(For ANY exceptions to this procedure, phone YOUR manager on the spot for an approval.)

Sponsor's pages in our AreaGuides.COM community guide network are designed to be reviews of the sponsors business or service. Pages consist of photos; a contact box with the name, address, phone numbers and e-mail or web address of the sponsor; and a summery or story about the business. The pages are designed to introduce users of the website to the sponsor's business. Although the pages contain necessary detail they are not intended to serve as a complete website for the sponsor.

1. Fill out sign-up form COMPLETELY.

2. Turn over the sign-up form and do an interview, making notes about the business.

Examples of questions:

3. Get a clean copy of their logo. (a business card, stationary, etc.) You can also use a photo of their sign or store window.

4. Take three photos or collect color prints from the sponsor. 

5. That evening, type up your notes in simple paragraph form for the webmaster. At the top of the Word document should be the header including all information from the webpage application. All text should be flush left in default font without any formatting. This prep work should be done even if you build your own dynamic webpages.