Spring/Summer, 2000 

Webmaster's Corner

Craig Shipp, Webmaster
PO Box 4025
Gaithersburg, MD 20885

Dear Sponsors:

The last few months have been marked by progress and setbacks. First, our network of community guides has grown to 15 with three more coming on-line soon. And, we now have 1,500 sponsors. Unfortunately, our Business to Business Handbook has been delayed and may not go to press for several months. Design problems, database issues, and distribution questions have cost us much time. Maybe we should stick to web publishing? We are still committed to this project and you can see the framework for it in our Regional Search Engine which uses the same database the book will be based on.

More positive news is the current use count on our network is more than 2,500,000 hits per month. This makes our network the highest traffic network of local community guides for this region. Our traffic grows every month. And, most importantly, this is focused quality traffic. It's easy to generate hits but quality traffic is what counts.

Now, the BIG news: is about to open! We are scheduled to be open for shoppers 7/1/00. Feel free to visit the mall and look around. In keeping with our policy of offering simple solutions to difficult Internet problems the mall is a turn key solution to the Internet e-commerce needs of small businesses. As development continues we'll offer more options for our sponsors to tap into the growing Internet commerce traffic.

Although some of these projects have taken longer than we planned we are pleased that we are achieving our goals to supply problem solving solutions and keep the price points low for our sponsors. An old friend of mine once said it's easy to pay a lot and get the best but the trick is getting the best and paying less. With your help and support we'll continue to push the envelope and bring more to the table while keeping your costs down! 

Craig Shipp, Webmaster

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