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Feel free to utilize the links below to check the stats (use counts) on some of our websites. To check stats on a regular basis it's best to return to this page as the addresses below change from time to time with server upgrades. 

Special Note: As of 10/1/01 all sites have been moved to new servers. Therefore, stats are not available except for months prior to the move. And, stats for August & September are not complete because these were transition months. Soon, we'll have new stats available on the current servers. Call customer service at 800-221-8048 with questions. Main Site =

Anne Arundel County Maryland =

Alexandria, Virginia =  

Arlington County Virginia = 

Baltimore County & City = 

Carroll County Maryland = 

Charles County Maryland = 

Fairfax County, Virginia = 

Frederick County, Maryland =

Howard County, Maryland = 

Loudoun County Virginia = 

Montgomery County Maryland =

Prince George's County Maryland =

Prince William County, Virginia = 

Queen Anne's County, Maryland =   

Washington D.C. = = 

Special Note: If you bookmark the above URLs you may need to go into the bookmark's properties and make sure the full URL is in place. The setsite info e. g. "ss?setsite=queenannes" may drop off when you bookmark the page. Also, those of you who use AOL may not be able to access stats.  We moved a few of the sites to a new server (11/98) and a few others were upgraded on 6/18/99 so the stats information only goes back to the date of the move or upgrade. If you need a few pointers using the stats package for the first time feel free to contact customer service at 800-942-7778. We'll be happy to coach you along. 


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