Summer, 1999 (Sent out June 1, 1999)

Webmaster's Corner

Craig Shipp, Webmaster
PO Box 4025
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Dear Sponsors:

Well, the summer is approaching and soon our AreaGuides.COM network will be expanding again. As you can see by the attached postcard, since my last letter, we have added a few new sites. These new sites are still under construction and should be fully on-line by the middle of June (some are on-line now). For our complete expansion plans please see http://AreaGuides.COM (also see the flip side of this letter).

Now, back to the postcards. Please take a few minutes to think of other area businesses that should join our growing list of sponsors. I've provided a few extra cards for you to share with possible interested parties. Remember, the more sponsors we build into the sites the better for all of us. You see, each sponsor's webpage I build into the site we register with more than 500 Internet search engines. This, in turn, helps generate additional traffic to the website and since each page is linked back to the Business & Services Menu your listing is exposed to more potential clients! It really can be a win win situation for all.

Also, since content is king on the Internet, the more quality content we build into the sites the better. By the way, our network of area guides is now generating well over 1,000,000 hits per month. And, we're growing every month! Most of the positive comments I receive regarding the guides we're building involve the quality and large number of photos we include in the sites and on sponsor's webpages. So, we're continuing to pack in about 100 additional photos each day! Also, high on the compliment list is the number of specialty, owner operated, shops we're featuring in the sites. Our network is becoming an excellent guide to hard-to-find specialty shops and services throughout the area.

I'm also pleased to have received and published on our AreaGuides.COM homepage testimonials from some of you. Please continue to e-mail me comments regarding your experiences with the 'net. I love to hear of results! If your phone isn't ringing off the hook yet give it some time. Also, feel free to give me a call maybe we can tweak up your page a little. Do keep in mind, though, these guides are still a work in progress.

Until next time, thanks again for your support!!

Craig Shipp, Webmaster

PS: Please make note of our new mailing address at the top of this letter and, as always, log onto for additional information regarding your community's guide.

(Attached was: Ten Reasons