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Ten Reasons To Sponsor Your Community's Guide On The Internet!

The following reasons apply to anyone who does business, or has an interest in, the Mid-Atlantic region. These reasons might also apply to a success minded individual considering joining our team.

1) Listing spots on all our AreaGuides.COM™ sites are available to approved businesses on a first-come first-listed basis.

2) The order of listings for each category is locked in for ten years from your sign-up date. For example, if your business is the number one hotel listed under the "Hotels" heading you'll own that spot for ten years! Our target is to have 250 business categories on each site with an average of ten listings under each heading.

3) Our sites are located at excellent domains (URL) for the areas they serve. For example the Frederick County site is located at On the Internet, as in Real Estate, location is everything and the website's domain name is it's location. By joining the™ Network you benefit from our excellent domain locations.

4) All our guides are networked together through our homepage and as we continue to build and expand the network your prime listing location(s) on our Business & Services Menu will become more valuable. This situation is enhanced by the fact that sponsorship rates are locked in for ten years from the date of sign-up.

5) Our Business & Services Menus are one click away from our website's homepages and sponsors' pages are one or two clicks away from there (in some cases there are submenus). This makes your business or service fast and easy to find. Add to this the keyword search engine built into each site that's also expandable regionally and it's a snap to find your business.

6) Our sites generate high traffic counts as a result of the content we build in. Photo tours, event calendars, discussion groups, free classifieds with a help wanted section, community information and more attracts interested parties.

7) Traffic generated by our sites is quality traffic. After a potential client has seen our site and a sponsor's webpage they are pre-sold. They know all about your product or service.

8) The custom webpages we build for our sponsors are designed to provide the information and details a potential customer would like to have. These are not just business listings like you see on other sites. We include detailed reviews of the sponsor's services, location and contact information. We also add links to a website, if you have one, as well as an e-mail link.

9) Our sites are focused on your community. Although all our sites are tied together through our™ Network, each specific guide has its own identity and is designed to serve your community.

10) Businesses should always look for cost effective ways to strengthen their ties to the community they serve. The best way to do this is to sponsor the™ community guide for your area. And, if you aren't listed already, NOW is the best time to join! If you are already a sponsor, please invite other area businesses to join in. Especially those offering special or unusual products and services. The more variety the better!

Reasons For Current Sponsors To Renew: Think of your sponsorship of your community's website as an investment in a new media source. Imagine a business directory with a two page layout on each business. Now, imagine each business being able to add or edit on-line coupons at any time. And, imagine this community website getting as much use as the local news paper and the yellow pages combined. You were in on an exciting revolutionary project from the beginning. It's only going to get better so hang in there and enjoy the ride! Your investment in will prove to be wise indeed.  


Below you'll find the various community guides which are currently on-line. By 2005 our network will extend from Pennsylvania to North Carolina and beyond.
MD: [AnneArundelCounty.COM] [BaltimoreCountyMD.COM] [Frederick.COM]
[HowardCountyMD.COM] [MontgomeryCountyMD.COM] [PrinceGeorges.COM] [QueenAnnes.COM]
VA: [AlexandriaCity.COM] [ArlingtonCounty.COM] [FairfaxCountyVA.COM]
[LoudounCounty.COM] [PrinceWilliamCounty.COM]  DC: [WashingtonDCGuide.COM]


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