The administrator of Ubuild.Com has 23 years experience as a general contractor with knowledge in all phases of residential construction, remodeling and Do-It-Yourself projects.  

He has:

  • Designed and built custom homes

  • Licensed home improvement contractor

  • Builder of Modular homes  

  • Builder of Production homes

  • Concrete foundation contractor

  • Designed blitz builds for Habitat for Humanity that built two houses in 2 days…using teenagers!

  • Designed and constructed decks, patio furniture, backyard ponds, boat docks, fences, storage sheds, swimming pools, built-in cabinetry, entertainment centers, and more! 


Our project descriptions and drawings, as well as advice given via e-mail or live are suggestions only. While we make every to convey accurate information, we cannot assume responsibility for the quality or safety of any completed project based on the suggestions provided.


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