Do-It-Yourself projects can be easy or hard, and it often depends on whether you use the right tools, and have the appropriate materials.  Having the right materials and tools not only makes the job more enjoyable but your project will more fully satisfy your needs.

You may not have time to locate all the pieces, parts, and hardware you need to create that wooden swing set you’re building in your backyard. We Do! And we make it easy by directly linking you to the supplier of the materials you need.

Browse through and see what we mean! (All items in this section were found at our local Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse)

Did You Know…

  • Light bulbs are available that have a 10 year guaranteed life?  The price is virtually the same as standard bulbs! Think of the time you'll save not changing light bulbs!  Worth looking into.


  • There are kitchen cabinets that can hide your computer right under your nose. Take a look at this....Mills Pride makes it...

  • Virtually every piece of hardware and play attachment is available to build your own swing set.  Here are just a few. For a complete list click swing-n-slide .


  • Want to "light up your life"?  There are decorative lights available in flexible plastic tubing. This innovative product lets you put accent lighting almost anywhere. See for yourself. The product is called Cable Lights and their corporate site is . (This site will be operational in March 2000)


  • Wow! A folding step stool connected to your kitchen cabinet that lets you reach the top shelf of 42" high wall cabinets. Think of the things you could store up there!!!  Many other products are also available that make your kitchen work easier. Check out Rev-a-Shelf.



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