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  • Want a garage floor that looks like new?  Check out this epoxy floor coating. This product is far superior to paint, and can be installed by a homeowner. Kits are available at Lowe’s Centers. The corporate website is under construction, but when its up click Epoxy-Shield .


  • You’ve seen the black rubber tie down straps with hooks at each end…did you know the better mouse trap was invented? Versa-Strap is the first adjustable rubber bungee cord. It eliminates the need to have a variety of cord sizes, as one size will adjust to fit your needs. These are available at Lowe's Home Centers

  • How about something to add that professional finishing touch to your hand made furniture? Did you know that Lowe’s carries hardwood molding accents that work for furniture as well as spicing up the trim around your house? Learn more at House of Fara.


  • Attic flooring…ever try fitting those large sheets through those small openings?   Did you know a product is made specifically for attic flooring? The tongue and groove particle board product comes in 2x4 ft. size to easily fit in the smallest attic opening. (Lowe’s item #80772)
  • The selection of outdoor lattice available has mushroomed lately due to the choices available in plastic.  Lowe’s carries their own label called Victorian Lattice that is worth looking into. The attached drawing represents the pattern, which uses 2 small 1/2" lattice strips in place of the 1 1/2" strip normally used.

  • How about a custom made stone or brick walkway?  It's now a weekend project using Quikrete’s concrete forms in the shape of stone and brick. For the complete story click. Here

  • Adding skylights is easier than most people think if you use the right product. I have never found a better brand than Velux. Bet you didn’t know they came with a lift out panel to create a "roof balcony"? See this innovative product below. Check it out at Velux.


  • A trip to the past?  Did you know you can still buy knotty pine paneling, popularized in the 50’s.  An interesting application is to install the paneling at an angle on your walls, or how about this one…on your ceiling. Click on Georgia Pacific.  It’s called plank paneling.
  • We found decorator heating vent registers made of wood that are very classy. They are called "Home Details By Ameriflow" and are available at Lowe's.  There is also a flexible magnetic heating vent cover to close off registers you don’t need. 
  • Wouldn’t an aromatic cedar closet be a nice touch in your home?  There are cedar boards available to line your closet, but check out our cedar closet project button under Minor Home Improvements, before you start!!!  We present a unique and cost effective way to install the cedar lining in your closet. 
  • Did you know there are pine project panels available in sizes up to 24" wide by 8 ft long. These are a big help for building pine furniture at home.  No gluing edges of boards together for that "butcher block"  look! These project panels make bookcases a snap to make, and work well for small table tops as well.
  • How about tools…Did you know Lowe’s Tool World has a flush cut pull saw for cutting perfectly flush cuts when one piece of wood sticks above another. It has a flexible blade and uses the Japanese concept of cutting only when pulled. We Americans are used to hand sawing by pushing! (Lowe’s item#06599)  A
  • While at Tool World check out the handle for reciprocating saw blades. It holds any reciprocating saw blade (metal or wood) and gets you into tight places. (Lowe’s item#47401)
  • Have you seen the composition wood deck boards made out of wood fibers and recycled plastic shopping bags?  It does not splinter, warp or rot, and can be sanded and shaped just like wood.  It’s called TREX, and after investigating it closely I became a believer in using it in place of treated lumber for the decking surface. Visit Trex for the complete story

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