This section is devoted to simple projects your children can build themselves. This is not like the pine-wood derby where dad does the work and son carries the car into the race...your children will actually assemble these...paint these.          

Kids Konstruction Korner will include:

  • Step by step instructions

  • Drawings

  • Materials needed

   Birdhouse Fun

Our first of many projects to come are here

  • Bird House ...Simple birdhouse for young and old. 

  • Battle-Fleet ...Boats your kids will love....for practically no money.

  • Kids Tool Box...Parent cuts it out...Child assembles it...Paints it...Loves it!

  • Youth Stilts... Children as young as 3 years old will enjoy these.

  • Electric Wizz-Bang - contraption your kids will love. 

Look for more to come...soon


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     BattleFleet !

    Kids ToolBox

                 Electric Wizz-Bang