Complete Residential Construction Checklist:

NOTES: Use this checklist after you have determined what house you are going to build, on what lot, and all of the extras and options have been chosen. Exterior and interior choices should be made to the best of your ability before starting. Before you take a pencil in your hand to start checking off these boxes you will need at least 5 copies of your house plans, and have determined the various subcontractors you are going to use.

__ Draw plot plan (House location with driveway, walks, patios & decks to scale with measurements to 
                  building restriction lines, and lot dimensions, etc.)
__ Arrange for temporary electric service through your electrician
__ Apply for building permit
__ Stake house on lot for excavation and clearing
__ Excavate and clear lot for construction
__ Accurate stake house for foundation footers
__ Dig and pour footing (Contractor should handle inspections and concrete materials)
__ Pin footing for house foundation placement
__ Apply for underground utilities (Water, Sewer, Gas, Electric, as necessary in your jurisdiction)
__ Install foundation…basement or crawl (Contact us if slab)
__ Secure necessary inspections of foundation (if any)
__ Backfill foundation, prep garage for concrete, rough grade around foundation for water drainage
__ Prep crawl space or basement as necessary.
__ If basement…plumber to install under slab rough plumbing lines
__ Soil treatment for termites prior to any concrete slab pours (basement, garage, porches, etc)
__ Pour basement floor (if applicable)
__ Pour garage and porch stoops as applicable
__ Frame house
__ Install windows and exterior doors
__ Order Sheetrock
__ Install gas fireplace if applicable
__ Install rough plumbing (plumber to get inspection)
__ Install roofing
__ Install Rough HVAC (HVAC contractor to get inspection)
__ Start Brick Veneer and masonry fireplace installation (Check with your local jurisdiction about need to have 
  framing looked at prior to covering exterior with brick or siding)
__ Install Rough Electric (Electrician to get inspection)
__ Install sewer lateral hookup (After all brick work is complete)
__ Install water line hookup (After all brick work is complete)
__ Install siding, soffet and facia
__ Install boxing, soffet and facia if brick veneer used
__ Walk house and inspect that all requested plumbing, HVAC and electric work has been done per contract with subcontractor.
__ Frame inspection…some jurisdictions require framing inspection prior to any outside brick or siding installation…
                                                     check your local requirements.
__ Insulate walls, and floors
__ Insulation inspection if required
__ Hang sheetrock
__ Finish sheetrock
__ Sand sheetrock
__ Install interior trim…doors, crown moldings, baseboard, handrails, etc.)
__ Install exterior door locks
__ Paint interior
__ Install exterior deck, if applicable
__ Install concrete driveway, walks, patios…only after sheetrock delivered and all underground utilities have been installed.
                                                  (Telephone and cable TV don’t matter)
__ Final grading after utilities and concrete flatwork done.
__ Install gutters and downspouts
__ Install garage doors
__ Paint exterior
__ Install shutters if applicable
__ Install ceramic tile (if applicable)
__ Install vinyl flooring
__ Install hardwood if site finished (if applicable)
__ Order kitchen appliances
__ Install kitchen cabinets and vanities
__ Install kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops (and tub/shower surrounds if cultured marble.)
__ Measure for shower enclosure (glass enclosure), and bath mirrors
__ Install closet shelving
__ Install hardwood if pre-finished
__ Finish plumbing (Contractor to get final inspection)
__ Finish HVAC (Contractor to get final inspection)
__ Deliver appliances
__ Finish electric (Contractor to get final inspection)
__ Point up drywall
__ Landscape
__ Sand and Finish unfinished hardwood floors
__ Install interior locks and latches
__ Install shoe molding where desired…hardwood, ceramic, vinyl flooring
__ Final touch up painting of pointed up drywall, and shoe molding, etc.
__ Install carpet
__ Install water meter
__ Install gas meter
__ Install electric meter
__ Install mailbox
__ HVAC Startup
__ Plumbing startup
__ Install screens
__ Final building inspection
__ Site finished hardwood final coat of poly
__ Certificate of occupancy (Check for any unique requirements in your area such as zoning holds, 
                     environmental holds, etc. that may keep you from getting permission to occupy the dwelling)
__ Final Clean
__ Move in!


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