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Our goal is to provide hundreds of creative do-it yourself projects and home improvements to encourage you to try new things.  UBuild.com will always contain every project entered...back issues are a thing of the past!  We sort through hundreds of plain vanilla projects to find only creative selections. The purpose of our projects is to stimulate your thinking and present you with improvements that are both visually and functionally superior. 

To see what we mean by projects with PIZZAZZ, check out our Movie Theater, or Log Cabin Playhouse, even Decorating with Model Trains!

Ubuild.com started Jan 1, 2000 with a builder and home improvement contactor at the helm. We are loading projects in daily and by the end of our first year we will have over 300 lifestyle improvements. Our Projects, Advice and Tips will not look like "others"…  

Others Build…We Create!

Our projects and advice ~ We are not a woodworking site for the professional woodworker. You will not find dovetail joints or lathe turned legs on any of our projects. With today’s working families, and so many Do-It-Yourself products available at the home centers, we teach you to build a table by purchasing ready-made legs instead of turning them on a lathe. Ubuild.com is for the majority of families who work hard for a quality life, and have a busy schedule. We do not sell plans...or sell anything for that matter!  Our project descriptions are to stimulate your thinking so that you can design and build an improvement that is perfect for your family. 


Our project descriptions and drawings, as well as advice given via e-mail or live are suggestions only. While we make every effort to convey accurate information, we cannot assume responsibility for the quality or safety of any completed project based on the suggestions provided.




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