Wow - and you thought you'd seen it all !

The inspiration for these toys came from Granddad who makes all sorts of "contraptions" with his grand kids.

Toys similar to these can be made almost completely from scrap wood materials. Add in a few screws and one small dowel, and you can have a fleet of boats.

Accurate measurements, and exact dimensions are not important.  For example...
  • The bow of the boat (pointed front end) can be practically any angle you desire.
  • The cabins can be any size or shape you have wood for.
  • You can have guns or no-guns

Another great feature of this project is that very small children can participate in assembling the whole project. 

As with all of our Kids Konstruction projects, an adult should cut out the pieces prior to beginning construction.  With "Battle-Fleet" you can have the hull cut out, along with a series of small square blocks in a variety of lengths and widths.  This approach lets you and the child design the ship during construction.

Look at our various pictures with measurements, then print them out for reference, and you will be on your way to an enjoyable time with your child.


These toys will actually float and are practically indestructible !