This project is simple enough for 3 year olds, yet can work for children up to pre-teen years.


Materials needed:

  • 1 x 8" pine board 6' long

  • 6d nails, or 2" finish head screws

  • 3/8" dowel 2 1/2" long


Step 1: Measure and draw the 7 different pieces on the 1 x 8" pine board. Follow measurements on drawing below.



Step 2:  Cut out pieces


Step 3:  Measure for holes in front and back panel. Drill 1" hole in top of both panels. Drill 3/8" hole as marked for perch in front. Diamond shaped front door has 4 sides that are 1 1/2" each. Measurement for center point for all these holes is shown on drawing to right. 

For diamond shaped front door, draw pattern then drill 1/4" holes in each corner.  Cut between holes to create opening.


Step4: Assemble...glue in perch...install small eye hook at top of roof, one inch in from each end for cord or chain hanger.

Step 5: Sand smooth and paint as desired.