Beautiful Built-in Cabinetry

(adding the bookcase unit)



Now let's put some shelves above our base cabinet, and still make it look like it's one unit!  As the pictures indicate you can leave out the bottom adjustable shelf and have room for a TV set or put it in place for a "wall full of books" look.

Step1: Start by determining the height and configuration you want. The two projects pictured here use an 8 foot long...pre-drilled 12" wide melamine shelf board that we cut into two 4 foot pieces.  The pre-drilled holes allow the shelves to be adjustable.

Step 2: Cut the 8' pre-drilled shelf board into two boards 4' long. Fasten one board against the wall on top of the countertop on each side of your unit. This placement will be from points A - B, and C - D as pictured below. The pre-drilled holes will be facing in, and the 12" space with no holes drilled will be placed at the bottom against the countertop.

We fastened these panels with construction adhesive directly to the wallboard. You can nail or screw if desired.




Step 3: Measure, cut and fasten shelf "G" in place on top of pre-drilled side panels.

Step 4: Cut a 12" wide shelf board into 2 lengths of 12" each and fasten in place at locations "E" and "F" as shown.

Step 5: Measure, cut and fasten shelf "H" in place on top of side panels "E" and "F".

Step 6: Measure cut and install top trim piece to cover front edge of both shelf "H" and side panels "E" and "F". Add crown molding to top of this trim if desired.

Step 7: Measure cut and install front trim piece "X" and "Y". This trim piece is made by ripping a standard melamine shelf into 1 1/2" piece and fastening to front edge of each 4' pre-drilled side panel. (shown below)

Step 8: Install shelf support pegs in desired pre-drilled holes to locate shelves where you desire.

If your shelves are going to hold heavy loads, install additional shelf supports on sheetrock surface into wall studs as shown.

Measure, cut and install adjustable shelves.

Step 9: Caulk all fixed seams between wallboard and shelf unit, as well as all fixed seams inside your built-in unit.

One of the nice features of using white melamine for our project is that you can touch up paint any raw edges (such as the curved cut on the top trim piece) .  Use bright white, gloss trim paint.  You can paint exposed particle board edges with 2 coats, and it will look very professional.

You can adjust any of these measurements to fit your room measurements. To make a large entertainment center you can simply build 2 or 3 of these units (3 ft wide each) together. Try being creative and having a 3 unit entertainment center...the two outside units are 16" deep as pictured above, and the center unit 24" deep for a TV set as shown on page 1 of this project.



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