Here's another creative idea! Most of you are familiar with the aromatic cedar closet boards that are available at home centers such as Lowe’s. The instructions tell you to install the boards on all the walls for your closet lining. Guess who wrote those instructions? The manufacturer who wants you to buy as much product as possible!

We'll show you how to get superior results, at a dramatically lower cost.  Install the cedar (tongue & groove) boards on the floor! You will have a smooth hardwood look that is very visible, the aroma will be just what you want, and the cost will be 2/3 lower!

To create your own cedar closet, start by removing the existing carpet.  Then, using Liquid Nails construction adhesive (in caulking tubes)  glue down the tongue and groove cedar boards. You can install the boards straight or at an angle. Be creative, closets are a small area, even walk-ins. Finish the job by installing a standard metal or wood threshold from a Home Center such as Lowe’s to transition from the new cedar floor to your existing bedroom carpet.  Fill the closet and enjoy your finished project! 




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