Chalk boards are more useful than many of us are aware. They can be used all over the house for communications, as well as in play areas. For example, have you ever thought how happy your children would be if they had a chalk board on their bedroom door, where they could announce "Who could enter and who couldn't!"  Now we realize you're wondering why there's a picture of a mirror here!  Keep reading and you'll see!


Thekitchen is the nerve center of the house, so a great place to install a chalkboard!  The uses here are endless. Notes for phone messages, grocery lists, family calendar events, and on and on. This project is low cost, has flexibility, and ease of construction.  The secret is the new chalk board paint. These new paints are durable, realistic looking, and allow us to have chalk boards in many areas of the home where they were impractical before. Any flat surface can be turned into a decorative board for doodling or artistic expression, with just a few hours work.

For example, if your bedroom door has a smooth, flat surface, it can be painted directly. You can frame the painted area with molding, or simply paint a frame around the board area.  Remember to put a small chalk shelf under any of your decorative boards, even ones you paint the frame on.   If the door is not smooth and flat, you can make a chalk board and hang it on the door. This could be made from any smooth surface material such as 3/8" thick particle board, A/C plywood or 1/4" Masonite, cut to size. A good molding for a small board's chalk shelf is "brick molding" which can be found at a lumber supply store.

The photograph at the beginning of this article is a framed mirror unit with pockets for mail and key holders that could easily have a chalk board in place of the mirror. Imagine the usefulness of this in your kitchen! How to make this unit is included in our Furniture section, where you would simply substitute a painted chalk board for the mirror.

Another excellent location for a painted chalkboard is on a smooth wall in a play room, game room, family room or child's bedroom. Remember when locating these that children need them lower than adults. When you decide to include a chalk board in your decorating plan, you might as well put in more than one! One quart of chalkboard paint will make many boards!

The paint is thick, and best applied with a small (mini) roller. Plan on disposing of the roller pad instead of cleaning it.  If you are painting the trim instead of using wood molding, use masking tape to outline the chalkboard area, and remove the tape before the paint dries.

The decorating possibilities are endless throughout your house for this beautiful touch.  Your friends will be amazed at your decorating acumen.  Go for it!