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Step 6 - Now that we have the main girder in place and supported by all it's vertical columns, its time to install the joists, followed by the decking boards.

If you haven't already measured the 16" joist spacing on the girder beam, do so now. The measurements should mirror the ledger board joist spacing. Place and nail remaining joists in place, filling all nail holes in joist hangers.  If you have a 24" cantilever on both the girder beam and the joists, the clipped corner will be exactly 45 degrees. This makes cutting the angles easier. Note that at point "A" the diagonal rim joist ends at the girder beam allowing the end deck joist full support on the girder. Nail rim joist to end of all joists as shown at location "B".


Point "A &B" show the rim joist that closes up the end of the joists.

Step 7 -  Installing deck boards.  We install boards at an angle because you can build a 12 to 14 foot deck with no seams in the decking boards. Deck boards that are butted together end to end tend to splinter when dried out.  You have less splinters and cracked boards if you can use full length boards.  16' decking boards will cover a 12' deep deck at a 45 degree angle. 16' decking boards will cover a 14' deep deck at less than a 45 degree angle, but still acceptable. Determine your angle and cut the end that butts up to the house.

Note in the pictures that after the boards are fastened down you snap a chalk line leaving a 1 inch overhang and cut off the boards in place.  Also note that you simply install full length boards around the clipped corner and cut them off in place as well. See points "A, B & C" Points "B & C" are the 45 degree clipped corner.

Next we'll work on the railing

Some tips about decking lumber you probably are not aware. This information will help you have a better deck. Many homeowners pick out their lumber at the store...if you do this you might as well follow this guidance concerning your decking boards. Use 5/4 x 6" decking in place of 2x6 lumber. Choose lumber that has an end grain that looks like this:

This shows the board is from the outside of the tree. Boards that are closer to the center of the tree will warp upwards  when the sun dries them out. Install your decking boards with a "Frown" (as shown)...not with a "Smile".  The natural desire of this board to cup downward will be counteracted by the drying effects of the sun on the opposite side of the board... thus a straighter deck.


Now on to railings...






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