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Our project deck uses a picket railing with unique and easy to build railing supports. We also have projects showing fancy railing patterns such as Sunburst and Chippendale . Click on them to see if you would like a fancier look for your deck. 


Step 8 - Our railing system is easy to build, low cost and stronger than the 4x4 posts  frequently used. The upright posts are made entirely of 2x4's that are fastened together to form a "T" as shown. The length of board "A" is 36".  The length of board "B" is 42" ( 44" for 2x10 joists)  Fasten together as shown...flush on one end. Cut bevel in end as shown in photo below at location "D". Install upright posts as needed by the deck design. Try not to exceed 7 feet between upright posts.

Determine each post location and cut out the 1" overhang on the edge of the deck. (location "E")  Cutout will be 3 1/2" wide. Install each post by making it plumb and nailing it to the joist. Drill a 3/8" hole in the face of the upright in the middle of the joist at location "C".  Install 3/8" x 4" bolt and tighten.

Angle posts are shown in photo below. The 3 boards are assembled in place unlike the T posts which are preassembled.

For added strength install 2 1/2" screw from under the deck, into the upright at location "F". 

Angle corner posts



Step 9 - Measure and install horizontal 2x4 railing supports ("G") between each set of upright posts. Nail or screw into back of upright T post as shown.  Top board is flush with top of post, bottom board is 4" up from deck surface.



Step 10 - Install top rail.  This is 5/4x6" decking board.  Make miter cuts at angles as shown.

Step 11 - Cut pickets 32" long and bevel one end as shown. (You will get 3 pickets out of each 2x2x8'). cut and install a 2x2 horizontally (location "J" in photo below) directly below the top rail on the outside of the railing.

Space the pickets 3 1/2" apart using a 2x4 as shown. Location "K" in photo above.

Angle corner post with top rail installed

Angle rail assembly completed







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