This desk and TV shelf are a simple project because they use the structure of your house for support, and they are a clean design. If you add our slide-out computer keyboard tray to the desk it will be perfect for the home office and very simple to build..
Our project shows chains supporting the desk and TV stand, however it could easily be supported from below with brackets connected to wall studs.  You would still have the easy construction and solid design but with a totally different look.




The desk and TV stand are made the same.


Step 1 - Prepare..... Hand select 2x3 or 2x4 construction grade lumber, looking for a few clean, straight and blemish free studs. If you use 2x4 them down to 2x3 size (2 1/2"). The top is made from 1/2" A/C plywood. Determine width and length of your project to fit your needs. 

Step 2 - Cut 2 - 2x3 to length and 3 - 2x3 to the width needed to make the desk the size you desire.  Nail or screw front 2x3 to side 2x3 as shown in above drawing.  Nail or screw the 3rd 2x3 in the middle of this frame as a center support for the plywood top. Countersink the nails or screws and fill with wood dough.

Step 3 - Measure the outside dimensions of your frame and cut the plywood top and bottom to fit.  Nail the top and bottom in place as shown.  Countersink the nail heads and fill with wood dough.

Step 4 - The finishing of this project will take a good deal of sanding.  Use a belt sander and smooth the sides of the desk until the plywood and 2x3 panels are flush and smooth. Smooth the top and bottom edge of the plywood being careful to not sand through the top veneer of the plywood sheet.  Fill all voids in the plywood with a hardening wood putty (Plastic Wood type)  Sand and finish with stain or paint.


Project mounted from below with brackets.

Step 5 - Mount project on wall at desired location using support from above or below as shown in our two examples. Make sure your supports from above or below are at a measurement that hits the framing studs in the wall.