Turn This

               Into This 

Installing doors is the same in new construction or remodeling. 

Step 1 -  Make opening correct size for door to be installed.  If remodeling...remove any drywall or wood trim around opening.  Opening should be 2-3" wider than door size and 2" taller. 

Use pre-hung (Split Jamb) door whenever possible for do-it-yourself installation.  These doors are pre-assembled and ready to hang.

Step 2 - Separate jamb halves and remove all shipping nails that hold door and jamb together.  Insert  into opening the jamb half with door installed.  With the aid of a helper center and plumb door unit in opening.  Check for even reveal (spacing between door and door jamb) (Points X and Y). Tack nail casing to wall in 4 places (A-B-C-D) letting nail heads out.  Check again for even reveal and that door hits door stops evenly around it's edges, and that it's level and plumb. 


Step 3 - Shim space between door jamb and framing. (Points E-F-G-H-J)   Install shims snug but not pushing jamb. Tapered shims for this purpose can be purchased at your local home center. Finish nail with 12-16d nail through jamb - through shims - into framing.  Counter sink nail heads.

Step 4 - Insert other half of split jamb and finish nail both sides of casing. Check for proper operation and install door latches and catches.



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