Your kids will love this!

This contraption is like a drum set, kids can't stop making noise with it!  When you shop for the parts, keep in mind the irritation level you can stand, because they will use it continuously. 



This contraption is something the children will love to help you put together, as well as play with.  You need to shop ahead at stores like Home Centers, hobby stores, Radio Shack, and auto parts stores for the various parts to make it.  

Materials needed will vary depending on what you want the contraption to do.

  • 12v transformer

  • 3 to 4 switches (can be house wall switches, toggle switches, pull chain, use your imagination)

  • Light gauge wire such as lamp cord or bell wire

  • Wire nuts

  • 12v lamps and sockets

  • 12v door bell, buzzer, etc.

  • Standard wall plug

  • House type electrical boxes and cover plates

  • Board to mount devices on



An important safety feature of the contraption is that we convert the electrical source from 110v AC to 12v DC immediately.  All splices in the wire are covered by wire nuts or inside electrical boxes.  Staple wires down to board as shown for safety.

We used a 1x6 pine board to mount our devices on. Any size, shape or kind of board is acceptable.  

Involve the children in building this contraption.  Watch their eyes light up when you first turn the power on.  After the first hour of non stop action, you'll know you have a hit on your hands.